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How to Help Office Employees Adjust to an Office Move

If you are planning on moving your company to a new office location, you will need to keep your employees updated with any necessary information. You will also want to make sure that you are keeping your employees in mind when deciding to move your office location. Your Baton Rouge moving company has a few things that you can do in order to make sure that your employees are on board with the move and new commute.

1) Poll your employees to find out how they commute to work. One of the most important things to keep in mind before you select a new office location, is how the new location will affect your employees. If you poll your employees to see how they commute and how far they currently commute to work, you will also be able to find out if the new location will be a shorter or longer travel for anyone.

Find close, available public transportation for employees who will need it. Baton Rouge moving companies recommend that unless you only have a handful of employees, you will want to find an office location that is close to public transit. When you have more than roughly 15 employees, you most likely will not be able to accommodate everyone’s needs, but you can try to make sure that the new location is close to public transportation and public parking.  You can even send out a memo saying that you will offer to pay for public transportation if the new office location is a farther commute for someone.

Offer free or discounted parking, if possible. If your new office location has a parking lot that your employees will have to pay for daily or monthly, you can offer to waive the fee for them, helping your employees feel more at ease with moving to the new site. You want to try to mitigate any parking issues as best as you can, whether it be saving them from more expensive parking, fewer parking spots, or metered parking. If any of your employees live close to one another, you can even offer help with gas money so that they can carpool.

4) Be flexible with your employees’ schedules. If you do find it hard to persuade some of your employees to move with you to the new office location because of the difference in commute, you can offer them a more flexible schedule so that they have plenty of time to get to work and get home, without having to spend hours in traffic. If your company allows it, you can even be extremely flexible and allow them to work at home one day a week, possibly in a rotation so that not everyone is out of the office on the same day.

5) Allow your employees to aid in the moving process. As a business owner, you can hold a meeting with your employees and suggest that they also try to search for a new office location. Your team may be able to come up with a location that is best for everyone. You can also designate moving tasks to employees so that they can feel as if they are a part of the moving decision. If one of your employees offers, allow them to get a couple Baton Rouge moving company quotes in order to find the best mover for your office.

Before you decide to relocate your office, find out how a new location will affect each of your employees and see what you can do to assuage any issues so that you do not lose your staff. Your local Baton Rouge moving company wants you and your employees to enjoy moving to a new office, offering full-service moving to you and your employees. All My Sons Moving & Storage…from our professionals to yours.