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Getting an ROI from Your Attic

Are you trying to sell your home in order to move from Baton Rouge? Do you have an attic that is filled with boxes, junk, and holiday decorations? The ugly truth about attics is that most homeowners either do not use them at all, don’t even think about them, or use them solely for storage. Baton Rouge movers want homeowners to be aware that if you have an attic, if properly maintained, it can add value to your home. Here’s what you should do in order to get a return on investment from your attic.

Have your attic inspected by a professional. If you are going to sell your home, converting your attic is one of the best ways to increase your home’s value; however, you absolutely cannot convert the space without first making sure that the foundation and construct is stable and strong. Your attic floor needs to be stronger than you would expect, in order to hold a lot of weight. Have a professional Baton Rouge mover remove any boxes before asking a contractor to inspect the condition and strength of your attic. The inspector might suggest that you reinforce the joint and install subfloor before you convert the space.

Make sure that your attic is easily accessible. After the inspector gives you the go-ahead for renovating your attic, make sure that you make the space accessible. Consider adding a staircase and take into consideration how that will affect the space below your attic, ensuring that you are not disrupting the flow of your home by adding stairs. Some homeowners choose to open a side of the attic and add pull-down stairs, converting the attic into more of a loft. Decide which is best for the construct of your home.

Install proper installation. If you convert your attic into a loft, this may not be something that you need to worry about. However, if you are converting your attic into an additional bedroom, playroom, movie theater, etc. you will want it to be properly insulated so that there is better airflow.

Increase the lighting. One of the easiest and most attractive ways to bring light into your attic is by creating a skylight. Buyers love natural light – so use it! In addition, consider adding recessed lighting – which is another popular feature in modern homes. Once construction has finished and you are decorating your new usable attic, use light, simple colors. White and cream are the absolute best colors to use in an attic, even on the ceiling.

Converting your attic into an additional room or usable space, is much more cost effective than building an addition onto your home. The cost of converting your attic is minimal in comparison to the amount that you can receive when it comes time to sell your home.