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4 Baby Steps to Get Your Move On

Most people would like to have different lives. Some people want different homes, or to live in different locations. They want these dreams to be a reality, but are stuck in day dreaming mode.  They tend to complain, and stay stuck in their situation, month after month. If this is you, how do you overcome some of your limitations and be where you want to be? First you have to determine what you want, visualize it. Let’s say you want to want to rent a home in Baton Rouge. You determine you want to be around trees, good people, and you want a puppy. This is a great place to start. Here are some tips on how to make this a reality for yourself:

  1. Write down the smallest step you could take towards getting your home. Today it could be “search for apartments in ____ County,” and find 2 places. If you continue your baby steps, you might eventually hit a day where you feel the next baby step feels like you are standing on the edge of a cliff, paralyzed with fear. This actually works in your favor! You have found your fear.
  2. Write down the worst possible consequences of taking your next step. Then write down the best possible consequences. Would it be more detrimental to your well-being if you let yourself freeze on that cliff, or jump? With the proper protection, like a parachute, you might have the experience of your life. You will build courage, resourcefulness, and get what you want.
  3. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Change doesn’t happen when you stay the same. To get what you want you need to find out how to handle taking on new challenges, and the fears and anxieties that come with it. Baby steps are crucial, they build strength so that your coping skills become strong. You will be more apt to take on success. Eleanor Roosevelt advised us to “do something every day that scares you.” As one of the most successful first ladies of our time, this is good advice.
  4. Build your support system. If the people around you tend to drag you down, learn to keep them at a distance. Some people suck energy out of you, and try to extinguish your dreams when your fire is just building smoke. Learn to get as many people close to you that emulate the life you want. Find friends that have the lifestyle or puppy you want. Avoid negative news, and negative conversations. You can still love these people, but don’t discuss your plans in their infancy.

Remember the time when you were a child and you did scary things without fear? There were times in your teenage years that you did things in this way as well, and also a few things recently. The momentum slows when we get older because of negative experiences, and what society may tell us about our abilities. You decide who you want to believe, society or in yourself and wake up to the sun rising from the sea.