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Five Areas that Changed 21st Century Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is French for “Red Stick,” giving the city its famous nickname. Founded in 1719 and incorporated in 1817, Baton Rouge, Louisiana has always been known for being a strategic site on the natural bluff of Istrouma Bluff, which is just upriver from the Mississippi River Delta.

Since the 1990s, Baton Rouge has witnessed a building boom that forever changed the structure and face of the city. The following five areas and places are ones that Baton Rouge movers and locals say changed the landscape of Baton Rouge to be the extravagant city that it is today, all since the year 2005.

  1. Shaw Center for the Arts was built in 2005 and is said to be the only place in the city that “provided the anchor for the renaissance of downtown Baton Rouge,” according to Adrian Hirsch from [225]. Shaw Center for the Arts has three restaurants, which are Tsunami, Capital City Grill, and Stroubes. There is also a coffee shop, the LSU Museum of Art, and the Glassell Gallery located inside.
  2. The City of Central and Zachary community are the fastest growing areas in Baton Rouge. If you are looking to move to Baton Rouge, most local moving companies will guess that you are moving to one of these areas. The City of Central and the community of Zachary feature some of the best schools in Baton Rouge, and new residential properties and homes that make the area extremely attractive for anyone who is looking to move into the Baton Rouge Parish, particularly families.
  3. Baton Rouge’s Towne Center completed construction in 2005, shortly before Hurricane Katrina. Despite the turmoil that Hurricane Katrina caused the area, Towne Center was left nearly untouched economically. Being the home to Baton Rouge’s only Whole Foods grocery store, Towne Center is consistently bringing in new retailers and restaurants, allowing the center to flourish regardless of weather and economic depressions.
  4. Celtic Media Centre also opened its doors in 2005 and has since been the hot spot for filming major movies like Twilight Saga: Parts 1 & 2, Pitch Perfect 1 & 2, and Fantastic Four. After you move to Baton Rouge, local movers suggests keeping up-to-date with which new blockbusters are being filmed at Celtic Media Center. In fact, you may spot some stars coming and going, or even dining in the area.
  5. The refurbishing of Galvez Plaza and North Boulevard Town Square in 2012 has attracted so many new residents to move to Baton Rouge that it is truly an amazing accomplishment for the city and the Downtown Development District. The revamp added better venues for outdoor concerts and events, enticing property and storefronts for businesses and nightlife, as well as outdoor hangouts for everyday mingling.

Regardless of why you are moving to Baton Rouge, after local movers have finished getting you settled into your new home, check out the very developments that could have shaped your decision to move in the first place. Without the above 21st century improvements to the Baton Rouge area, the city would not be the city it is today. The future sees only more improvements to come.