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How to Fake a Clean House

A clean house is welcoming and inviting to friends and family, and even if you aren’t the tidiest person you can still fake it with a few key tips. While we appreciate a house that is clean, we here at the Baton Rouge movers want to help you get things organized when you are short on time.

Scent. One sign of a clean house is a warm and fresh scent. Plug ins, candles, and air freshening spray can all help achieve this. Get stale air moving and circulate fresh scent with a fan and the air conditioner. Also, throwing something in the oven can contribute to a comforting scent, such as cookies. You’ll add a yummy smell to the air and also have a treat for your company.

Clutter. Keeping clutter at bay is an ongoing battle that many deal with on a daily basis. If you can’t tackle the clutter in the moment, toss things in a laundry basket and at least get them out of the areas where company will congregate. Tend to the clutter once they leave.

Freshen up. The attention will also be on you, so be sure to clean up your appearance in anticipation of guests. Change clothes, brush your hair and freshen deodorant.

Clean surfaces. Tidy countertops and tables and wipe a deodorizing cloth across surfaces. Ditto for the bathroom. Take it one step further and wipe down the mirror and take out the bathroom trash.

Put dishes in the dishwasher and out of the sink, as a sink full of dishes looks dirty even in the cleanest of homes.

Once you’ve gotten through these chores, continue to straighten until your guests arrived. Every little bit will help, and it will prevent more cleaning that’s pushed to when company leaves.

Also, enlist the help of everyone in the home to prepare for company, kids and spouses in particular! Also, don’t apologize for the state of your home when company arrives. If they are giving short notice, they have to understand that your house is not going to be pristine. If they have a problem with it, kindly show them the door.