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How to Ensure a Fair Quote from a Moving Company

Making sure you get the right price for your move depends on several different factors. How far you are moving, how many items you have, and any extra services you might need can make the difference in your costs. Knowing important questions to ask, and what to tell the moving company will give you a clearer estimate, void of additional costs.

Do a General Search on Your Baton Rouge Moving Companies

Find at least three companies online that look reputable. Start by researching each company’s reputation. Some great sites to check are Angie’s List for valid customer ratings, or the Better Business Bureau for a moving company’s complaint resolutions. You can also ask your friends and neighbors for any recommendations. A great site to check the validity of a moving company and avoid scams is protectyourmove.gov. Once you have done the research on your top three companies, you can move on to deciding what you need help with. This is a great place to start because some services cost extra with some moving companies, and if you leave that part out during an estimate, you won’t get the appropriate price. Make sure you call in plenty of time before your move. A lot of people tend to move during the summer months, and this will cost you more if you wait till the last minute.

Determine What You Need Before You Get a Quote

Don’t wait until a few days before your move to consider if you need additional help. This will cause additional stress in your life, and you may end up paying extra for services you didn’t think you would need. If you would like help disassembling furniture, packing glassware, or taping up boxes, make sure you let the moving companies know. Make sure you have ample time to decide, and give the moving companies enough time to finish the tasks. Some companies will come to your home to do a visual evaluation for a fairer quote, while others have go to their office. Determine how far your move is, and how quickly you need the job done.

Important Questions to Ask for a Fair Quote

If you leave any of these questions out, you may be given an incorrect estimate. Knowing what to ask, ensures that you won’t get any surprise fees. Some questions to include are:

  1. What is the rate per pound?
  2. What is the rate per mile?
  3. What do extra services cost, such as packing, dissembling, or taping?
  4. Are there extra costs for road access issues, parking distances, stairs, or elevators?
  5. Are you registered with the Department of Transportation? (for security)

Make sure to ask for a list of things that do cost extra, and how much time the movers need in advance. Also note that moving companies cannot legally charge you over 10% of the estimate price, and the cost per pound for any damaged item is $.60. Write down all of your estimates, and remember that the lowest price does not always mean the best service.