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DIY Moving Expenses You May Forget About

DIY moving isn’t as fun and easy as DIY necklace making.

Do it yourself, or lose it yourself? DIY moving is filled with hidden moving expenses you probably never even thought about. While DIY moving may seem like the smart way to go for a local move, oftentimes, such a choice ends up costing you more money than you anticipated.

Remember these DIY moving expenses from your Louisiana movers before you decide to move to Baton Rouge on your own.


Truck Rentals

Sure—you knew that you had to rent a truck. But did you think about all the other things you have to pay for with it? Fuel, mileage, insurance, etc. This list grows as the amount of stuff you must move stacks up. For local moves, this isn’t as big an issue, but it becomes extremely important when you’re moving long-distance. Since you’re the one driving, you’re the one that must pay for the fuel, tolls, taxes, and insurance. DIY moving is not as easy as renting a moving truck. Remember that someone else must drive your car, as well, meaning that the cost of fuel and tolls have doubled or even tripled depending upon how many cars you own. These hidden DIY moving expenses can break a budget in the end.


Packing Materials

DIY moving is exactly that—do it yourself moving. That means that all the packing, loading, unpacking, and unloading falls on you. Considering this, you may not be a tried and true professional mover with the necessary equipment to move yourself. You must go out and purchase materials like bubble wrap and boxes to protect your belongings. It would be wise to purchase a dolly to transport heavy boxes and a furniture blanket to prevent injured belongings during your move, as well. Unfortunately, the components of DIY moving aren’t as inexpensive as beads and string for DIY necklace making.



You are human, so accidents will happen. These accidents might cost you, though. Since you and your friends or family will be doing the heavy lifting during your move to Baton Rouge, more opportunity for injury opens up resulting in more moving expenses. There’s also the chance that your belongings are broken or injured during the move, as well. Without moving insurance, which you would have if you went with professional movers, you will be left to repair and pay for those items yourself. Another DIY moving expense to consider is that of car accidents. You are responsible for the moving truck, so you are also responsible for what happens to it.


While there are many benefits of DIY moving, sometimes it seems that the possible added costs and stress outweigh them. If you would rather have an anxiety-free move knowing exactly how much you’ll be out of pocket in the end, then contact your All My Sons Louisiana movers. Instead of DIY moving, choose AMS moving today!