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Decorate Your Baton Rouge College Apartment

Moving into your college apartment is an exciting time in your young life. While you don’t have free reign to do anything to the apartment, you do have some options in terms of decorating that will make your rental feel more like home. The Baton Rouge local movers have several pointers on how you can decorate your apartment to truly make it your own.

Room by room, we have a few tips to share that are designed to be cost effective, temporary, and easy when your lease ends and it is time to leave the property as it was given. Don’t worry about forfeiting your security deposit with these enhancements.

Living Room:

If you don’t love the floor, you have a few options. Rugs can be used to add some personal style to the existing flooring, and carpet tiles can be used over tile and flooring that is an odd shaped area. Offered in a variety of sizes, carpet tiles are an easy and temporary way to alter the floor.

Hang mirrors. Full size floor mirrors and smaller mirrors to hang up are a way to make your home feel welcoming and warm, and they also have the ability to make your space feel and appear bigger, thanks to the reflection of natural light.

Hang curtains high and wider outside of the windows. Higher curtains will make the room seem taller, and hanging them widely means when they are open you can get the full amount of available light pouring in.

Rather than using heavy screws to mount artwork and other hanging items, use monkey hooks and other options to create less (and smaller) holes in the walls.


Boost privacy on French doors with curtains and or window film. If you would have to install curtain fixtures yourself, you might beware as the landlord probably does not want holes drilled into the door. This is where the window film is a viable alternative—it sticks on similar to saran wrap and simply peels off when you are ready to remove it and move out.

Utilize bed risers to allow room for under bed storage and allow yourself more storage space. Small closet? Check out storage solutions that can help you maximize your space. Removable hanging rods can be a great way to instantly double your space, and it can be removed and taken with you to your next home.

In both rooms, utilize wall space! While you can make any more actual square footage, hanging shelves and organizational compartments will help you keep things organized and off of the floor and table surfaces. Check out IKEA showrooms and their website to see how to make the smallest spaces efficient.