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Creating Storage Space with Floating Shelves

Sometimes relocation means downsizing, and even if it doesn’t, sometimes you end up purchasing a home or having a home built that does not have an ample amount of storage. If you are moving to an apartment and do not want to put too many holes in the walls, floating shelves can serve as a place for you to lean your art, rather than hanging all of it. Regardless of the reason for your relocation, there are plenty of ways that you can add storage to your new residence, and floating shelves are one of them.

Floating shelves are one of the hottest home trends, and although they give the simplicity that relates to a more modern feel, you can choose their material to suit your style.

- If your home is more modern and features modern art and architecture, opt for solid white, black, or even a faux stainless steel floating shelve. These can be found at IKEA and can be as little at $9.

- Aiming for a warm, cabin-fever style? Finding old railroad ties, distressed wood, or just wood from your local hardware store and fastening it to the walls, can create a beautiful, warm floating shelve. If you do purchase new wood from a hardware store, try distressing it yourself, staining it to be darker, or even painting it a different color for more of a decorative pop.

Need ideas on ideal places to hang floating shelves? Local relocation service professionals have seen their fair share of different style homes, and can offer some unique ways to implement floating shelves in your new home.

- In the Kitchen:
If your kitchen has shelving that does not reach all the way to the corners of the wall, build your floating shelves to connect them from one wall to the other, creating a corner shelving unit. You can also add a small floating shelf or two as easy-to-reach storage for your kitchen, such as for spices.

If you have wide enough hallways and need extra storage space, consider hanging floating shelves along the walls of your hallway. You will want to make sure that they do not stick out too far, where someone may bump their head, but you can also hang them up higher, creating a border along the ceiling, and adding decorations or photos on top.

If you have a small bathroom, you most likely do not have much space to keep things. If you cut floating shelves to fit a small wall, you instantly add a place for neatly folded towels, a bin for extra toilet paper space, and small glass jars to fill with Q-tips and cotton balls for your guests. You can also add a candle or air freshener to keep your small bathroom smelling swell.

Floating shelves are a great way to add simple storage to any home, and they are one of the most popular home decorating trends. Floating shelves can be bought for cheap or even made. However, they are not for everyone. Floating shelves are open-space storage, so they ideally need to be organized. If you have difficulty keeping things organized and you still want floating shelves, you can purchase small baskets or jars to help keep your things organized on the shelving unit.

Get creative with your shelves! You do not have to stack them exactly on top of one another. If you have a large wall and are creating a large shelving unit to add decorative design to a bare wall, you can stagger the shelves or create a sort of shape.