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Creating a Private Retreat in Your Home

Once your Baton Rouge movers and packers have finished unloading all of your belongings and you are all settled into your new home, you most likely want to take a break from the world and relax. Everyone could use a place to get away in order to enjoy the peace and quiet of a private retreat; however, jumping on an airplane and flying to a private island is not always an option.

If you are looking to get away and could use a place of relaxation in the comfort of your own home, Baton Rouge movers have some tips on creating a private retreat in your new home.

Do you have a bathtub? Then start using it! Most homeowners rarely use their bathtubs; however, it is a key selling feature in a master bathroom. When house hunting, homebuyers see a bathtub and say “it’s the perfect size for me and my spouse,” but then the bathtub runs dry.  When looking for a private retreat in your home, you should first think of your bathtub; it is the perfect spot in your home where no one is likely to bother you.  Install some dimmer lights or light some candles, buy some bubble bath and aromatherapy, and you will never want to leave your bathroom again.

Extra bedrooms or guest bedrooms are the perfect rooms to turn into a space dedicated to your hobbies. In order to make a spare bedroom a hobby room where you can relieve some stress and do home activities that you love, place a comfy chair, throw blanket, ample lighting, and leave the space as open as possible. The openness of the room will allow your creativity to flow more freely, so that you can feel relaxed and less-stressed after the long process of moving.

Create a reading nook or relaxation corner. Baton Rouge movers suggest turning practically any corner in any room of your home into a reading nook. Place your most comfortable chair, some candles, and your favorite books and magazines in a corner of your home that has just the right amount of space for subtle privacy.

Moving to Baton Rouge should be an exciting and relaxing event in your life. Let a local full-service moving company handle your move and start thinking of ways that you can add a personal flair to your new home. You can use your personal style to turn just about any room in your home into a private sanctuary. Or, make your entire home relaxing by choosing soothing paint colors and décor that is easy on the eyes, making your new home your own private getaway.