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Tips and Tricks for Closet Organization

Your closet is a significant part of your bedroom, whether you realize it or not. While a dressing room is not a possibility for everyone, there are some organizational tips that you can utilize to make your home more organized via the closet. The Baton Rouge movers have a few expert ideas on how you can maximize even the smallest of closets and find a place for everything.

A few items to help organize the closet include: shelving, baskets, dividers, racks and over the door organizers. Use all the space you can—even vertical space!

Now for the organizational tips from our home decorating professionals:

  1. Use thin, slim line hangers wrapped in velvet for your clothes. These hangers use less space than plastic and the velvet keeps clothing from sliding off of the hanger.
  2. Have a hall closet or under bed storage dedicated to storing away out of season items, such as swimwear in the winter and coats in the summer.
  3. Use crates, boxes, and bins to separate and organize scarves, belts and flats, as well as other miscellaneous items.
  4. Smaller items belong in smaller containers to avoid losing them among the bigger things.
  5. Remember to constantly EDIT your wardrobe! If you are hanging on to designer clothing that is either unworn or barely worn, consider selling them via an app or consignment shop. Donate other clothes to charity and get them out of your closet and to a place where someone who actually needs them can wear them. You should edit your closet once a month to stay current with what you own and avoid buying duplicates or items to similar to things you aren’t wearing already.

If you need additional space outside of your closet doors, consider an open face cube shelf from IKEA, Target or the Container Store. There are varying heights and widths available, so get what is best for you. You can stack handbags, hats, jeans, and much more in these cubes, or you can get cloth bins that fit into the cubes and store swimwear, pajamas, workout clothes and more.

Last, don’t forget about the power of scent! Closets can get a dingy smell, and clothes that aren’t on heavy rotation will likely begin to smell a little funky. Combat this with sachets, air fresheners and dryer sheets tucked throughout the closet.