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Clean Your New Home with These 6 Tips

After extensive searching, you have finally found your new home in Addis LN. You’ve signed all the paperwork and have already moved the last of your belongings in. Congratulations! No one understands how exciting and hectic moving can be more than the Addis movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage. However, before you get settled, you need to clean your new home.

The best way to move in is to clean your new home yourself. You’ll know that it was cleaned properly and you’ll make your home a little more yours. These tips to clean your new home come straight from professional Addis movers.

Once Over and Clean as You Go

The best strategy to clean your new home is to tackle the project in a two-tiered approach. Give it an initial once over and then clean as you go.

Initial Once Over – The first thing you must do when you clean your new home is to give it a good once over. Tops and tails, you pretty much just want to get most of the major dirty areas clean before the Addis movers arrive so you’ll have all that space to really give it a thorough cleaning.

Clean as You Go – Have your supplies ready as you unpack so you can clean your new home as you go. You don’t have to be obsessive, but you will notice things that have to be cleaned a little better as you go.

Counters and Dusting

If you have the opportunity to clean your new home before the Addis movers show up, then start with the higher surfaces and work your way down, wiping away all the dust and dirt from the counters.

The oven and the stove top tend to collect the most stubborn and sticky stains. A scrubbing brush and some foaming cleaner will get the job done just fine.

Clean the floors, especially carpet.

You should consider hiring a professional cleaner if you have carpet in your new place. You can also rent carpet cleaners and do the job yourself.

For tile, grab a bucket, fill it with warm soapy water and use a broom to scrub the floors. It works wonders on getting all the grime out and it really gets into the cracks and grout.

Run the Appliances

It’s simple and quick. Run the empty dishwasher and washing machine with some cleaning liquid. It’s a good way to clean them out before you use them! You can run those as soon as you arrive with the Addis movers.


The bath, the toilets, the sinks and the fridge are all going to need some elbow grease. Use a mild cleaner on the fridge and the sinks to not affect the surrounding paint. That same mild cleaner will work for the counters when you clean your new home.

As for the bath and toilets, you can usually go as heavy duty as you like without affecting the porcelain.

Clean Places You’ll Never See again

This will be the last time you get to clean your new home while it’s empty (presuming the Addis moving company haven’t arrive yet.) Take this moment to clean all the hard to reach places or the places that you’ll never see again.

Suggestions include cleaning the storage closets, underneath the sink, living room corners and living room areas that may be covered by sofas. We all know the spots that are hard to reach. Give them a thorough cleaning at this time and you won’t have to worry again or at least for a while.