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Turn Your Bedroom into an Oasis

Here at the Baton Rouge movers, we know that your bedroom should be your sanctuary. One sure-fire way to deter Zen-vibes in your room? Clutter! We want to help you get things off the floor, out of overcrowded drawers, and into a place of their own. While you may not realize it, taking the junk and clearing it out goes far beyond just the aesthetics of your room. Removing the clutter and opening up space actually helps clear your mind and alleviate stress. And isn't that what you want, especially in the room where you lay your head? Let's get started on cleaning out the clutter easily and efficiently.

Accessories, such as jewelry, can become a jumbled mess quickly. To prevent this, incorporate items such as a shadow box into your room. Hang necklaces, earrings, and other baubles in clear view and never again worry about detangling chains and strands. For rings and things, use paint trays or ice cube trays to separate your jewels. But this tip isn't just for the ladies--ties and belts can be hung to avoid tangling up in dresser drawers. Also, having your accessories hanging right where you can see them is great for your wallet--you won't be urged to splurge on another brown belt if you know you've already got two hanging in plain sight.

Use the space underneath your bed as a place to store out of season clothing. No sense in having bulky sweaters taking up valuable closet space in the middle of summer. Rotate your wardrobe accordingly. This will help you maximize the wear out of your wardrobe, rather than simply filtering in a few pieces for your go-to look. Things that make it into the closet and back into storage without being worn during the season? Pitch them! Clothing is important—it’s what you live your life in. Take care of your garments by hanging them on quality hangers, and divide your closet accordingly by color and item type. The more organized, the more efficient.

At the end of the day, you want your bedroom to be a place where you can breathe and let the worries of the day float away. Having a space that invokes a spa-like cleanliness and minimalism is a great way to achieve this. Paint the walls in subdued blues and off-whites to help bring peace of mind, and throw a few scented candles in a soothing fragrance (such as vanilla or lavendar) on your bedside table to relax you at the end of a hard day.