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Calming Home Decorating Tips

Your home is your oasis, so you should have it decorated as such! Home decorating in a way that is calming, peaceful and relaxing can help make you feel those emotions when you are at home. Who doesn’t want a home that is stress-free? Read on and learn some of the expert decorating tips from your Baton Rouge movers for designing a peaceful abode.

Use calming colors. Blues, greens, and neutrals are typically the colors used in spas, and with good reason! These colors are relaxing and invite you to let the stresses of the day melt away. Colors indeed have a strong role in the overall aesthetic of a room. While blues are the most soothing, shades of green and even purple can have a similar effect. Consider the other elements of the room and what would be the best fit and build out your color palette.

Incorporate fuzzy textures. Blankets, pillows, slipcovers and more can be an ideal place to swap uncomfortable fabrics, such as leather, for fabrics that are more soothing to the touch. Velvet, cloth, and other plush materials can be relaxing to fall into after a long, hard day. Mix textures with the various textiles in your home and you will have an overall calming and comfortable effect.

Lighting is important when it comes to creating a calm mood in your home. While very bright lights can be harsh and unfriendly, lighting that is too dark can be a turn off too. Be sure to utilize various forms of lighting, such as chandeliers, candle sconces, and lamps, to get a glow about the room that isn’t just one strong light source. If possible, install dimmer switches so that you can set a mood easily and with energy efficiency.

Let nature inside. Plants are a key element to a peaceful home. Nature is calming to the senses and should be incorporated in your home to bring a zen feeling to your space. Plants fill the air with oxygen, help remove toxins, and contribute to a healthy level of humidity.

Aquatic elements are soothing as well. The sound of running water is on many alarm clocks and peaceful CDs, because running water is one of the most peaceful sounds you can hear. Consider adding a small table fountain to your home to encourage relaxation and mental clarity.