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Anchorage LA Auto Movers Makes Moving Your Extra Cars Simple

When you begin planning a long-distance move, consider making arrangements for transporting your vehicle(s). For many people who have moved to or out of the Anchorage Louisiana area, putting unwanted mileage on their vehicle is annoying. It especially becomes a problem when they have a lease that determines how much annual mileage they’re allowed to drive before they incur additional fees. The best measure to take is to contract All My Sons Anchorage, LA moving services for your moving day. All My Sons Anchorage, LA auto movers are the best choice for securing your vehicle for a move.


Preparing Your Vehicle for a Move

Before the Anchorage auto movers arrive, be sure to do the necessary prep work before you do anything that could jeopardize the safe transport of your vehicle, as well as make it easier for your movers to handle it. Here are some of the steps you need to take beforehand:

Have your car inspected for damage.

Thoroughly wash your car.

Make a written record of any cosmetic damage if any.

Take multiple photos of your vehicle from various angles.

Date the photographs and written record.

Make sure a representative from your Anchorage auto transportation company signs a document acknowledging the condition of the vehicle prior to transport.

Don’t forget to have a mechanic service your vehicle.

Make sure the battery is fully charged and that your tires aren’t over/underinflated.

If there are any mechanical problems, make note of those as well and let your movers know about any special steps needed to drive your car on and off the trailer (including problems starting or stopping your car).

You’ll also want to remove any personal or valuable objects you may have inside your vehicle as well, including anything inside the trunk. This is for the benefit of both you and the movers. Moving is a difficult and stressful time and things often get lost or misplaced. To make the relationship between you and your movers more comfortable, do yourself a favor and secure all your valuables (money, phones, credit cards, etc.) in a bag and take them with you personally.


Questions to ask your Anchorage, Louisiana Auto Moving Company


Before moving day arrives, you’ll want to find out about insurance coverage that comes along with your transportation services. Moving companies in Anchorage, Louisiana that transport vehicles typically provide conditional insurance coverage, but it’s always a good idea to ask what is covered. This will help you to determine if you need to speak with your own auto insurance provider about extending services.

Be sure to ask what the expected delivery date will be for your vehicle. This will allow you to plan for either yourself or someone to be available to receive it.


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