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Acadiana, LA: Cuisine, Culture, Business, and the Bayou

If you do not live in Louisiana, you probably have never heard of Acadiana; but Louisiana residents know that this is the historical region for authentic Cajun and Creole cuisine. In fact, the heartbeat of Acadiana lies in LaFayette, which is known to have the heartiest, spiciest food in the world. And there is nothing more delectable than the cultural seafood gumbo, crawfish etouffe, and jambalaya that can be found at nearly any of Acadiana’s plethora of restaurants.

Acadiana takes up most of Louisiana and encompasses the southeast region of the state, with a breathtaking landscape of bayous and mossy oaks. Born from the Acadians and Creoles, today, Acadiana is comprised of modernist, cosmopolitan parishes and cities that are still rich in culture and history.  In fact, the 250-year-old culture and history is what Acadiana residents strive to preserve.  When it comes to the level of culture and identity, there are very few areas of the United States that are as unified as Acadiana, and it has caught the attention of business.

When it comes to politics, Acadians are comfortable and proud of their representatives, and have been for over 30 years. Their newest vision of One Acadiana, the region’s renamed chamber of commerce that emphasizes regional cooperation in economic development, is one that is said to make the spine of Acadiana even stronger, as businesses in New Orleans and Baton Rouge aim to mimic it in their strategies.

One Acadiana is a regrouping of the region’s Chamber of Commerce; keeping some of the same chamber members and recruiting newer ones as well.  The regrouping is said to be ideal for communities across the region, in terms of future planning and developments.

One Acadiana is expected to be vital for the growth of high-tech industries in Lafayette, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge. The main industry perhaps is in oil. With One Acadiana coordinating with the Baton Rouge Area Chamber and Greater New Orleans Inc., the three will make a super-region, one that can collaborate to battle the downs of the energy-industry and work towards positive, long-term developments.

Acadiana moving companies are proud to call Louisiana home, and we know that you will too. All My Sons has been moving families to Acadiana for over 20 years, and they never want to leave. The future is bright for Louisiana and if you are looking to move to Lafayette or any other Acadiana parish, your family will love the most authentic cuisine in America; while enjoying a canoe ride out on the bayou. Acadiana’s large city-life, yet quaint small town appeal, makes it the perfect place to work, dine, relax, and enjoy some of America’s oldest preserved culture.