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4 Steps to Hiring Addis Movers

Hiring local Addis movers can be scary. How do you know you’ve picked the right moving company? Are they reputable? Are they trustworthy? What if they break your items, do they have insurance? Luckily for you, hiring Addis movers now is easier than ever! With the power of the internet and accessibility to others reviews, you can find out a lot about a moving company before ever even meeting them. Let review the 4 steps to ensure you hire the proper Addis movers for your upcoming move.

Step 1: The best way to start your search would be to request recommendations. Ask your neighbors, friends, and even your real estate agent. Invite them to give you suggestions and then conduct your own research to learn more about the company and if they offer the right services to suit your needs. Often, when requesting recommendations, you may also be informed of local movers that are terrible. This is great because it allows you to narrow down your search in one step.

Step 2: Do your research! Now that you’ve gathered a few names you can begin your own research. Check out their website and read reviews from previous customers. Reading testimonials will help give you a better idea of the different Addis movers in your area. Search the name in several different well-known websites to get a well-rounded idea. You cannot rely solely on the company’s website as they most likely will only demonstrate the outstanding reviews. You can also contact the different moving companies and request their USDOT number. Having this number allows you to check their license and credibility in the United States. Also, pay close attention to those companies that are insured. If any of your items are damaged during the move, you will want a company with proper insurance. If you find that some Addis movers, have shaky reputations or worse, have to license or insure, cross them off your list. Hiring local movers can be a process but at this point you are half way there!

Step 3: Ask for on-site estimates from your top 3 or 4 companies. At this point you should have a better idea of which Addis movers are likely to provide you with good service. Hiring local movers relies heavily on the price as well as reviews. Ensure you receive accurate estimates by showing the in-home estimator everything that will need to be moved. If the estimator does not perform a thorough examination, do not trust the estimate as a final price. More than likely, the movers will raise the price later on.