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Why Millennials Are Moving to Austin

The word is out; there are tons of millennials moving to Austin. It’s not just Austin of course, most millennials are choosing cities geared towards their current needs. Those needs manifest themselves in a few interesting areas, but most are the standard reasons for any move, namely: money, culture, and opportunity. Austin is rapidly finding itself on lists like “Best Cities for Millennials,” “Top 5 Reason Why Millennials Love Austin,” etc. Austin movers All My Sons has compiled a list of great Austin moving articles on a variety of subjects all related to moving.

The city even has a slogan that sounds like something out of a Hunter S Thompson novel written for the millennial generation: Keep Austin Weird. Millennials moving to Austin is changing the face of this city forever as well. As the city booms with a younger and hungry generation fresh out of college with lots of college debt to pay off, Austin continues to better accommodate this generation. So, why are millennials moving to Austin?

Money Matters – Millennials are moving out of their parents’ house and into the world only to find that they are just not viable from a credit standpoint. They can’t get homes or pass credit checks to rent apartments because of their massive amount of debt and little credit history. Studies have shown that millennials are not going to the big cities anymore. New York, San Francisco, and Miami are no longer friendly to house hunting millennials. Mid-sized cities like Austin are taking the opportunity whereas other areas are failing. They are taking a chance on a generation of hungry individuals, and it’s paying off.

Culture for Keeps – If there’s one thing Austin has always had, it’s culture. Ever since Richard Linklater’s freshman movie debut Slacker premiered and told the story of a bohemian existence in early 90’s Austin, the city itself has taken on the persona. Austin has a night life that puts larger cities to shame, and music festivals that raise the bar even if you didn’t think the bar could get any higher. Millennials are moving to Austin because entertainment and a great night life are a major part of this culture.

Open Opportunity – Early on, Austin companies, including Austin movers, were a little ahead of their time. Most jobs have a flat growth rate, and there is no incentive for the debt burdened millennial to stay in a job for longer than two years if they can transfer for a better salary. A lot of companies in Austin did away with this fact, causing more millennials to move in. Multiple sources suggest that Austin is on the verge of becoming one of the top cities in the country for job growth.

Even though these are the top three reasons for millennial growth in Austin, there are plenty more to choose from. With perks such as environmental consciousness, fitness and health, and a city full of like-minded individuals, you can practically pick from a multitude of reasons for why millennials are moving to Austin.