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Where to Stay When Moving to a New City

Moving is stressful, especially when your move-out date and move-in date do not perfectly align. Using this handy guide on where to stay when moving to a new city, compiled by our expert Austin long-distance movers, you will feel more equipped to handle your move and take on your next challenge.

Stay with Friends and Family

By far the cheapest way to go, staying with friends and family is a very good option as you try to figure out where to stay when moving to a new city. However, be aware that this may not be the way to go if you will be between housing for quite some time. Our Pflugerville movers only note this to preserve the sanctity of your relationships, as it is quite easy to get on nerves of friends and family when you’re around each other a lot (like that one Christmas that we don’t talk about anymore).

Adventure into a Hostel

If you want a more adventurous option as you’re deciding where to stay when moving to a new city, hostels are a great choice. Part of the fun of hostels is the ability to meet new people, as they are hubs for travelers. If you’re moving long-distance, this could be a good way to get acquainted with your new city. There are many hostel options available to people moving to Austin and other large cities.1 You can go the very cheap route and have roommates or opt for the more expensive option of a private room. Regardless, hostels do tend to go for lower rates than hotels or Airbnbs. Two notable hostel options are Drifter Jack’s Hostel2 and Firehouse Hostel3, both of which were named on Culture Trip’s list of the 6 Best Hostels in Austin.4

Rent an Airbnb

If you’re wondering if you can stay in a charming, homier place in between housing during a move to a new city, you can! Airbnbs are the way to go to meet that need. Airbnbs often provide more comfort than other temporary housing options, with a personalized feel to each one based on the tastes of the owner and the experience that they are trying to craft. Be aware that pricing and restrictions vary widely based on the owners’ preferences, and the initial gleaming sticker price is likely to increase at the checkout due to additional fees.

Dive into Corporate Housing

Corporate housing, or executive rentals, are temporary dwellings that can be rented out to both individuals and families. Corporate housing lodgings were originally only available to traveling business executives but are now inclusive to all renters. Executive rentals often come equipped with furnishings and other amenities; they may be a good option for someone who has followed our ultimate Austin packing guide and does not have access to many of their necessary items.


Now that you know where to stay when moving to a new city, check out our other Austin moving articles for more tips and tricks to make it easier to start your new life. The team at our moving company in Austin wants to help in any way they can, so feel free to contact us today!



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