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What to Do When Your Apartment Floods

The winter storm in Texas has left quite an impact on locals and their homes. Our Austin movers experienced the freezing temperatures and Texas power outage firsthand. As Texans work to repair their homes from burst pipes and water damage, our dedicated movers and packers want to help in any way we can. All My Sons Moving & Storage put together this guide so you know what to do when you have a flooded apartment.

What Do You Do When Your Apartment Floods?

Our team will move your belongings to another location or a storage unit so you can focus on repairing your home. All My Sons Moving & Storage has served the Austin community for over 25 years and is ready to offer assistance to our friends and neighbors


Make Sure the Water Supply is Off

When you have a flooded apartment, your top priority should be to turn off the water supply. Oftentimes, your apartment manager or landlord will know where to find the water valve and how to shut it off. If you’re unsure as to whether or not the water is off, contact your landlord. This will prevent further damage and give you time to figure out a game plan. Fortunately, our Austin local movers are here to help you with this process.

Find a Place to Stay

You need to find a place to stay because your apartment flood damage will take time to be repaired. Due to the Texas winter storm, many people experienced flooding in Austin. If you need to stay in a hotel, be sure to book a room as soon as possible. With a multitude of renters and homeowners in need of home repairs, hotels may book up fast.


Move Your Items to Storage

Hire a moving service to move your items from your flooded apartment into a storage unit. Whatever belongings can be salvaged need to be relocated to a safe and dry place. When you move stuff into storage, you can focus on repairing your home. All My Sons Moving & Storage will manage the entire process. We know you have a lot going on so you have your back. You can rest easy knowing your belongings are out of harm’s way. When your home is repaired and you’re ready to get settled, your items will be waiting for you. Call our specialized moving consultants and consider the job done.


Talk with Your Landlord

Be sure to discuss the repair process with your landlord. They most likely have specific rules and timelines for flooded apartments, as determined by their insurance company. When you understand the process, you can better plan for yourself. Additionally, your renter’s insurance plan may provide funds for damaged furniture. You may be able to offer a solution that fits your needs. If another unit is available, you may be able to amend your lease and move into this apartment.