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Ultimate Moving Guide

Moving can bring all sort of feelings to the surface. It’s a time for change, a chance to start anew, but it requires planning in order to make sure everything goes smoothly. At All My Sons Moving & Storage Austin, we know how much stress preparing for a move can be for a person. That’s why our Austin local movers have created the ultimate guide to moving to help you through the moving process.

Step One: Plan

The first step in the ultimate moving guide is to develop a well-thought out plan. It would be wise to make allowances in your plan for unexpected delays or issues. Life isn’t perfect, and your moving experience may not be either (although here at our Austin moving company, we come pretty close). Even though life will inevitably throw an unexpected challenge your way, if you have a plan, you can better navigate the issue at hand. Having a backup plan is better than relying on luck to make sure your move is hassle-free.

Step Two: Packing

Waiting until the last minute to pack is definitely not ideal. All it does is create a whole load of stress and takes up valuable time that could be used for something more important in the final days before and on the very day of your move. In this ultimate moving guide, we suggest you start packing about six weeks in advance. You might want to take this opportunity to sort through your belongings and get rid of the things you don’t want anymore. Now there’s less to pack! There is no such thing as packing too early, just be careful not to pack items you use daily – like your toiletries and the clothes your wear frequently. The Austin packing supplies we offer include all your common moving supplies such as boxes and bubble wrap. Don’t stress about trying to find a moving box that will fit your television or that oddly-shaped sculpture because when you work with us, we make sure to supply it all.

If you feel overwhelmed with the packing process, our Austin packing service is available to help you out! Each of our professional packers have gone through extensive background checks and are trained to properly pack fragile items so you can trust them with your valuables.

Step Three: Hiring a Moving Company

This last step might seem like a no-brainer, but with all the other things we are so focused on we often forget to do the simplest task: hiring a moving company. Research reputable moving companies in the area and ask friends and family about the moving companies they have used in the past. Our Central Texas moving company provides a wide range of moving services for your move. Don’t stress if you're not an Austin local because our Austin long-distance movers are here to help you move to your new place. Contact our expert movers to learn more about our other moving services and get your free, no-obligation moving quote.