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Tips to Ensure Your Move Is Eco-Friendly

All My Sons Moving & Storage is a family owned and operated business with strong ties to the community around us. We want to continue that sentiment by keeping the environment as clean as possible. Our Austin movers have a few eco-friendly moving tips to make sure you are doing your part to keep the environment clean!

Eco-Friendly Moving Supplies

Work with your Austin movers to determine which packing supplies will be best for an eco-friendly moving experience.

- Save Cardboard: If your Austin movers use cardboard boxes, you can save them after you move.

- Plastic Boxes: Try using plastic bins which can be reused as storage bins when you arrive at your new home. Bonus points for purchasing recycled plastic bins!

- Clothes as Wrap: Rather than purchasing bubble wrap or foam, use your clothes as insulation. Your garments make the perfect stuffing to keep your fragile items safe while you move and you won’t be throwing them out after you move.

Packing Tips for Eco-Friendly Moving

Packing is an essential part of every move and effective green packing will make all the difference.

- Smart Packing: Pack smarter for eco-friendly moving. Try to fit as much as possible into a smaller amount of space to save more on packing supplies and to save space on the moving truck.

- Smart Movers: Find the Austin movers who have the best reputation for eco-friendly moving. Environmentally conscious movers know to use safe moving supplies and to reuse whatever they can. Call the Austin movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage and we’ll show you how much that makes a difference.


Most people who are already environmentally conscious will already be familiar with the process and benefits of donating your belongings. 

It cuts back on waste, helps you give back to the community and you will spend less on moving. Every box that doesn’t make it onto the moving truck is better for the environment.

If you did not hire Austin movers, then fewer boxes will mean less trips back and forth which is also better for the environment and for your wallet.

Green Cleaning Products

A big part of the moving process is cleaning. You’re going to clean your home before you leave and you’ll be cleaning your new home when you arrive. Invest in green cleaning products or make your own cleaning products.

Making your own cleaning products is not difficult and there are lots of online guides to help you get started. The most popular homemade cleaning product is a vinegar scrub. Combine equal parts water and vinegar and mix in a small amount of baking soda and you have a scrub that will tackle every tough stain you have.

Recycle Everything That You Used

Be sure to recycle everything that you used during the move. Place all your moving materials in the appropriate piles to be collected and donate or sell any materials that can be used again.