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Tips for Your Long-Distance Move to Round Rock Texas

It’s time for your big move, what an exciting time! As your Round Rock Texas Movers, the team at All My Sons Moving & Storage gets excited for long distance moves. The amount of appreciation we receive at the end of each move is worth every minute of the process. It is for that very reason we felt it necessary to show our gratitude and comprised this list of tips to make your next long-distance move that much easier.


Moving is stressful. Anyone who has ever done any sort of move, whether it’s across the street, across the town, or across the state, will tell you the hassles of their move. On top of that, the hardships will pile up if you don’t secure a moving company by the time you must move out. As our first tip, be prepared and secure a long-distance moving company months prior to the move. It will be a huge weight off your shoulders and will also give you a target date to be prepared for.


We’re your Round Rock Texas movers, we want to help you, not rip you off. In the essence of saving you money, we urge you to downsize. More items equal more boxes which equals more trucks and a much larger cost. Look at everything you own. How much of your belongings have been collecting dust since you have lived there? Go through your old possessions and see if those items are completely necessary to take with you as you begin this next chapter in your life. It also won’t hurt when you make a few extra bucks from the garage sale you’re going to host with all that new-found inventory.

Furniture Placement

New homes can be tricky to orchestrate at first. You had the same set up at your old home for years, what should you do with your furniture at your new home though? Chances are the layout of the new space is not formatted like your old house. Since you know the floor plan for the new digs, play around with some ideas for how you would prefer your furniture to be located so you can have the movers place everything right off the truck. It’ll same you some time and effort later while your transitioning into the new place.

Be Outgoing

Long-distance moves have their ups and downs and chances are you will not know your new neighbors or anyone in the area for that matter. Don’t be afraid to be outgoing and meet your new neighbors and make some friends. It’ll make the transition a lot easier as you make feel more welcomed into the neighborhood. Plus, who knows when you’ll need a favor or have to borrow something for a home project.

 No matter the steps you take for attempting to achieve the perfect move, as your Round Rock Texas Movers, we want to remind you to contact us for more suggestions, tips, and information so we can help you with every step of your long-distance move