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Tips for Moving Your Corporate Office to Round Rock, Texas

Moving your corporate office is never easy, and it can be more stressful than moving your home and family. There are usually certain guidelines that you must follow provided by the company, and sometimes that unfamiliarity can cause headaches and stress. The professional corporate movers in Round Rock at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to give you tips for moving your corporate office to Round Rock, Texas.

The first thing you can do to prepare for the move is to plan everything out in advance. If a company is busy moving, the company is not up and running, which ultimately means the company is not making any money. Because of this, the main goal for your corporate move is to be time-efficient. The less time that is spent moving, the more cost-efficient your corporate move will be.

To get a head-start on the corporate moving process, our moving coordinators recommend giving yourself at least 3 months to prepare for your move. To make the process go quickly, you should make sure that you are familiar with the new location and office. You should have all the measurements taken down, note any differences in shapes of the rooms or furniture, and if you are not getting new furniture, make sure the old furniture will fit into your new space. The more prepared you feel going into your new space, the less stress there is for your employees and the Round Rock, TX movers as well.

The most important thing when it comes to a corporate move is communication. Everyone involved in the move (employees, landlords, movers, etc.) should be aware of every detail before the actual move. The less questions there are on moving day, the better. The best way to stay organized, especially with furniture and electronics, is by using colored labels. Your Round Rock corporate movers will know exactly where everything is supposed to go, which makes your move go faster. Our professional team finds this to be the most effective tactic for moving large commercial staff.

When it comes to personal items, make sure your employees know that they will be responsible for packing their own items before the actual move. You can give your employees boxes and have them put their names on the outside of their boxes in multiple places, so that our Round Rock movers can put them in the appropriate place. To maximize efficiency, you can put name cards in the correct locations at your new office space.

You want to make sure that your address is updated everywhere. Especially if you have clients, you need to be sure that your clients know that you’re moving and where you’re moving to. If you can, should update your website, business cards, and letterhead about one week before the move. You should also look to change any online listings about a month ahead- since that change can take a little bit longer to be approved.

If you are making a corporate move soon, give All My Sons Moving & Storage a call today!