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So, you’ve reached that point in the relationship. You’re not one to rush into things. You’ve given it months to years, prolonging the inevitable and pushing down the gut feeling you’ve had pretty much since the third date. Everybody around you agrees it’s time, despite the titanic implications. You’re going to be moving in with a significant other. 

It’s exciting, nerve-wracking, wholesome, and worrisome all at once. No matter how many incredible moments you’ve had with a person, how much can you really know them until you’ve watched them use the restroom? You’re about to get to know them by every nook and cranny, for better or for worse. 

Moving in with a significant other is a major stepping stone in a serious relationship. It can be a stressful experience, and you may find yourself anxious about the small details. Trust our Austin local movers to take care of at least one thing: the hassle of the literal move. We provide the highest-quality service, so you can worry about what side of the bed you’ll take.

How Long Should You Wait to Move in With Them?

As with most relationship advice, this is entirely arbitrary and individualized. The perfect time to move in together is a blend of comfort and timing. It’s certainly not something you should force before you have had some critical conversations with your partner. Don’t go and break your lease three months after you’ve met a person. Let them know your expectations, your daily rituals, and, if applicable, your past struggles when living with someone. For a guide, approximately fifty percent of people in relationships that end up moving in together wait until after a year of dating.

Tips for Moving in Together

Once you’ve made it through the all-too exciting process of the move, you’ll have to live with this person. Our Austin residential movers know that living with anyone will have its trying moments, and living with someone you’re so emotionally invested in can, at times, be exhausting. Here are some tips to help you get by.

Remember to Take Some Alone Time

The worst thing you can do when moving in with your partner is to lose yourself as an individual. You’re probably going to struggle to find time for yourself initially. It’s essential that both of you set time aside and focus on your mental health.

Ignore Minor, Minor Hiccups

Somebody will leave the laundry on the floor, their dishes in the sink, the toilet unflushed. As long as it is not a nasty, unbreakable habit, let these things slide with a playful and loving prod. Your relationship is so much more than a few messes here and there.

Communicate…and Have Fun!

If crucial problems arise, don’t let them fester internally. If you’re set on trying a life together, communication will be at the forefront, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Communication fosters respect, which leads to the most bountiful relationships possible.

What’s more, remember to have fun, even during the rough times. You know there is a reason that you moved in with this person. They make you laugh and smile and give you the happiness you honestly thought you couldn’t live without. Even when times turn sour, it’s important to reminisce and think about all the reasons you moved in together in the first place.

When you decide moving in with a significant other is the right choice, call our team at Austin movers to get you settled in the right way. We take the utmost care of your belongings, treating them like our own. Contact us today to speak to a representative and receive a free, no-obligation quote.