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The Right Way to Unpack a Home

You’d be hard pressed to find many people who love spending time packing and unpacking their home during a move. There’s a certain frustration that comes with wanting to settle into your new home, but needing to unpack everything from what is seemingly a mountain of boxes. Of course, the easiest way for new residents to get through it all would be to use a packing service in Austin, that not only offers full packing services, but also unpacking in your new home.

Want some tips from our professionals?  This handy guide will help you learn how to pack your kitchen, garage, and every other room, and subsequently unload your belongings in the most efficient way.

Make an Inventory List

Putting together an inventory of your items can take a ton of weight off your shoulders when it’s time to unpack. Whenever you use an Austin packing service, the residential movers will take an inventory of your possessions to ensure that everything is accounted for when it’s time to unpack. We recommend following the practices of our Austin packing professionals to safeguard your important items and keep track of anything that may be missing.

Unpack Your Kitchen First

Once again, we advise using a packing service in Austin for big moves, but for a self-move, the best room to begin moving into is the kitchen. If you’re unsure of how to pack your kitchen before moving, then consult this comprehensive guide from our Aurora, Colorado movers.

Unpack Your Essential Items

If you’ve taken the proper steps to preparing for your move, then you would have made an essentials box. You want this to be one of the first boxes you take out of the moving truck or the trunk of your car. This box should contain everything you need for the first couple of nights such as: toiletries, cell phone chargers, pet food, clothes, medicine, and anything else of importance that will be needed right away.

Bedrooms are Next

You know how to pack your kitchen, now learn how to unpack your bedroom. You’re more than likely going to want to sleep in your bed when you get to your new home, as opposed to camping out on the floor. First thing’s first: Assemble your beds and unpack the linens for each bedroom. If you can get through everything in the first night, great, however you’ll likely end up unpacking your bedroom and getting your furniture in place over the course of a week. Therefore, our team of professionals advise putting your dressers and other furniture into the room after the bed has been set up and placing the boxes of clothing in the closet and/or near their respective dressers. After a good night’s rest, you can tackle the rest of the room and set it up the way you desire.


Unpack the Bathroom

The bathroom is also an important area to target when moving in, however most of your items of immediate need should be inside your essentials box already. Just as important as it is to know how to pack your kitchen, it’s also critical to know how to pack your bathroom. Some self-movers make the mistake of mixing up bathroom items by packing them in different boxes. Keep everything together to make for an experience. All rugs, shower curtains and non-essential toiletries should be packed together in the bathroom box.

Put Your Furniture Together

All My Sons, the best packing service in Austin, always discuss the floor plans of our customer’s new home. This helps us to unload furniture much more quickly and efficiently, and helps the customer settle in faster. Once the essential rooms are in place, you’ll want to focus on putting together your furniture before unpacking the rest of your belongings and decorating. Take on the larger tasks first and the rest is easy!

Happy moving!