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The Best Way to Pack Your TV

Whether you enjoy playing video games, spend hours watching live television, or enjoy wrapping up in a blanket and streaming a movie with your family, you use your TV every day. Our Austin packing company knows that protecting your TV is an important part of the moving process. Knowing how to properly pack your TV is important. To help relieve your stress and ensure your TV is packed safely, All My Sons Moving & Storage Austin offers packing supplies and services to pack your TV before you move. If you are packing on your own, here are some common TV packing supplies to have handy.


The Flat Panel TV Kit

The Flat Panel TV kit is one of the best packing supplies in Austin to pack your TV. The kit has many variations and is available from multiple suppliers like U-Haul. The most common type you’ll find comes with a cardboard box that accommodates flat screens ranging from 32 to 70 inches in size and four hinged foam blocks. This kit is perfect for TVs between 1 and 4 inches in depth.

The four foam blocks that come with the cardboard box are adjustable, so depending on the size of your screen you can easily break away the inserts. Once you put on the edges of the screen, they will provide eight additional points of protect to ensure your screen stays safe when moving. Depending on your TV’s screen size, you should use stretch wrap to secure the foam blocks to your TV. When you put the TV in the box that comes with kit, you should add in some rolled up towels in the empty spaces to make sure there is no chance your TV can move around during your relocation.


The Flat Screen TV Cover

Another sure way to protect your flat screen TV during your move is to buy a Flat Screen TV Cover. These are easy to find, especially when you search for the best packing supplies in Austin. The Flat Screen TV Cover will ensure that your TV is protected from any scuffs and scratches that could occur during the moving process. The cover itself doesn't provide the full protection you get with the TV Kit, but if you are moving locally, it will do the job. What's more, the cover can be used in a variety of situations, such as when you are painting your house or doing some other home improvement projects to your living room. You can even use it to cover your TV and protect it from dust while on a long vacation. The Flat Screen TV Cover is an all-around great item to have on hand to protect your TV and can be used in combination with the Flat Panel TV Kit for the ultimate protect of your TV during your move. If you have more questions on how to pack your TV, give our Austin packing company a call!