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Room by Room Staging Tips

Moving is not only a big decision, it also brings about many other tasks that need to be done before you are completely settled into your new home. One key factor for home owners is to sell their current home for the highest price possible. Local Austin movers know how important it is to get the highest possible value for your home. A home is an investment and receiving a high return on investment can help you purchase an even better home next. So, what last minute things can you do to take your home from sellable, to highly desirable. The local Austin movers of All My Sons have put together room-by-room tips for staging your home to sell.

Tips for Staging the Front of Your Home

First Impressions are key! If your home has no curb appeal it is less likely to bring people in and even less likely to get you your asking price or even above. So, what can you do to spice up the front of your home. Make it look clean! Clean homes look newer and less run down. Try power washing your walkways and sidings, plant greenery around the house or purchase a few potted plants to decorate your porch. Keep your lawn tidy, make sure the grass is kept up and pluck any weeds you see. Also, consider your front door as a representation of what you want your home to say. Staging your home is about creating an illusion of comfort and beauty. Make sure it looks clean and inviting. Add a tasteful and clean doormat and give your porch furniture a good scrub down. Small details will make a big difference to potential buyers.

The local Austin movers know that a clean home is much more inviting and easier to walk through than a cluttered one. Before your open house, make sure each room has been decluttered and cleaned. Dust the dressers and clean the floors. A decluttered home is much easier on the eyes and gives the potential buyers an illusion of all the space they can have if they purchase your home. Remember, the goal of staging your home is to receive a higher offer. Really put in the effort when organizing your home.

Staging Your Kitchen to Sell

The best staged homes find a neutral balance between clean and organized, yet comfy and livable. A few small touches of fresh items such as neatly organized, fresh produce or freshly cut flowers can really liven up your kitchen, add a pop of color, and let visitors know that, yes people do live in this home and it can be them!

Staging Your Dining Room

Formal dining room set ups can be intimidating and not seem as functional to visitors. Try staging your dining room table with a more relaxed vibe and add a series of smaller center pieces along the table, rather than one oversized arrangement.

Prepping Your Living Room for Staging

Local Austin movers know that sometimes the most aesthetically pleasing furniture arrangement in a home is not always the most functional; but when staging your home, sacrifices are necessary. Symmetrical arrangements are more pleasing to the eye. Pull your furniture off the walls and group into pairs to create an inviting living room.

Staging Closets and Bathrooms

Closets and bathrooms sell homes. When staging your home to sell, be sure to organize your closets and leave the doors open. Closet space is important to many buyers and seeing a neatly organized closet with plenty of space can help boost the value of your home. Beautiful bathrooms sell homes but if your bathroom needs a little help try giving it a good scrub down and remove any unneeded objects. The objects you do leave in the bathroom should complement the décor and be in great condition. Don’t leave the towel you use to dry your hair after dying it in the bathroom. 

From your local Austin movers, we hope these tips help you create a beautiful staged home for your upcoming move!