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Moving Your Office to Austin

Deciding to move your office to Austin can prove to be a gargantuan task, and may require additional help either from your employees, professional Austin packers and movers, or both. All My Sons Moving & Storage Austin has been helping businesses complete office moves for over 25 years. During that time, our professional office movers and packers have worked with office coordinators in order to make sure that moving your office to Austin is simple and leaves as little downtime to your operations as possible. The following are our professional guidelines to successfully moving your office to Austin.

Planning. An office relocation project is no easy task. In order to make sure that you do not leave anything out and end up with lots of unplanned mishaps or last minute items, plan your office move from start to finish. Create a timeline that details everything that needs to get done and the timeframe in which it should be completed by. By general rule of thumb, a small office typically needs at least three months of moving preparation, and a larger office needs six to eight months of planning and preparation. Make sure that you plan a budget in your moving plans as well.

Part of planning your office’s relocation to Austin includes mapping out your new office location. Try to get blueprints of the space, take photographs, write down measurements and dimensions, and mark the placement of each electrical outlet; this will help you decide if you will need to get rid of anything from your current office, as well as how to situate all furniture for your arrival. Now would also be the time to have the carpet replaced and the walls painted if you are wishing to do so.

Enlisting Assistance. Moving your office to Austin can be simple if you enlist a local office relocation specialist. You can still have your employee’s complete business-related moving tasks, such as making sure that everything with the old address on it is changed to the new address. But when it comes to the gritty packing, hauling, transport, and reassembly, leave it in the hands of a professional moving service.

Team Communication. Perhaps one of the most important aspects to completing an office move is making sure that you communicate with your team. Your employees should be aware of the moving plans, timeline, and their tasks that should be completed before the move date. The Austin movers at All My Sons suggest holding regular meetings with your team so that they are never out of the loop.

Update Materials. During the process of moving your business, it is important not to forget to update your public website, business cards, flyers, brochures, online business directories, online review sites, social media outlets, stationary, and any other advertisements with your address.

Client Communication. Of course, Austin movers know that it is especially important that you inform your clients and customers of your change in location. This way if there are any delays your customers and clients will be fully aware that their requests and orders may be held up due to the move.

If you are moving your office to Austin and are in need of assistance, All My Sons Moving & Storage can lend you a free, in-office moving estimate today!