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How to Prevent Injuries When Moving

Moving by yourself is not only stressful but can be detrimental to your health if you don’t know how to properly pack or implement the proper technique when lifting heavy objects. Protecting yourself and your valuables is an important factor when you’re moving, so our expert movers in Austin have come up with ways you can prevent injuries when moving and ensure that your move is not only stress-free but one without any injuries.


Don’t Over Pack


While it might make sense to try and fit everything into one box so you’ll have fewer boxes to transport, it will likely be too heavy to move easily. If you have more boxes that weigh less, though, they will be easier to load, stack, and unload. As a good rule of thumb, know the limit to what you can lift and don’t try to take on more than you are able. Start small, then gradually increase the weight if you feel you are capable of lifting that much without putting excess strain on your body.


Dressing for the Job


Perhaps one of the best ways to prevent injuries when moving is wearing the appropriate clothing while moving. This means avoiding pants that are too loose and can cause you to trip over, wearing shoes that cover your entire foot (including toes!) and long sleeve shirts will protect your skin against scratches. If you are doing the heavy lifting, literally, yourself, invest in a brace for your back that has good lumbar support as well as gloves with decent grip to prevent things from slipping out of your grasp. In any case, always watch where you are walking when you are moving the boxes.


Proper Lifting Techniques – Lift with Legs


Just bending down and picking something up is not the way to lift heavy objects. There are specific lifting techniques that use the appropriate muscles and won’t put undue strain on your muscles. In order to prevent injuries when moving, you want to use your legs to lift, NOT your back. You never want to lift something heavy and put that weight and strain on your back. Instead, squat and use the muscles and strength in your legs to bear the weight as you’re lifting the object. Maintain the box or furniture around your mid-section, never above your head.


First Aid Kit


Even if you pack appropriately, wear comfortable clothes, and use the proper lifting techniques, accidents still happen. A bonus tip? Always have a first aid kit on hand. Scratches and bruises are very common when you are moving and in the event of any minor injuries, you’ll be prepared. Having a simple first aid kit can help you if someone gets a cut and they need a band-aid, a wrap, or just some antibiotic treatment to clean the wounds.


Asking for Help


In the end, the best way to minimize the risk of injury while moving is to enlist the help of the professional Austin movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage who know what they are doing and will do the labor-intensive work for you. Save yourself the time and trouble when you opt for our packing service in Austin to help you with the tedious task of boxing and wrapping up all your belongings and furniture. Contact our friendly moving experts to learn more about the services we offer and get a free estimate. We’ve got your back so you don’t have to break yours.