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How to Prepare for Moving Day in Round Rock Texas

Moving is not easy. The lifting, the packing, the stress, there’s no easy way to go about the process when you do it yourself. Fortunately, the professional movers at All My Sons are specialized in top of the line packing services in Round Rock Texas, and have put together a checklist to make moving day that much easier. In this checklist, you will find that your Round Rock Texas Movers like to begin preparation for moving day about two weeks before the big day. If you are a little closer to moving day, do not worry, you still have plenty of time to prepare.

Only two weeks left! The big day is closing in fast. To avoid some headaches later-on down the road, it is important that you get a head start on the following:

Your moving, which means new house and new address.

  Coordinate with any companies regarding your address change.

  Bills, utilities, etc.

When grocery shopping, only buy the necessary items for the next two weeks.

  This will lighten your load for moving day and you will be able to start fresh with any items that are more long term.

Donate things that you haven’t used in years. There is always someone who would appreciate those old clothes collecting dust.

Consider pet and child care options for moving day.

  The less things you have to worry about, the better.

You haven’t started packing yet?


  Now is the time to begin. Packing tends to take longer than you think and it is better to be packed sooner than not prepared for the day of your move.

Day Before the Move. The day you have been preparing for is closing in. Here is what you should prepare the day before:

Prepare an overnight bag for your first day in the new house. Moving is exhausting and you will not want to search the moving boxes for your necessities on that first night.

Prepare a clear container of toiletries that you can easily locate and find what you need.

Start disassembling any furniture that needs to be taken apart for the move.

  Have Ziploc bags handy for any nuts, screws, bolts, etc. of the furniture and duct tape to the furniture which it belongs.

If possible, unplug washers, dryers, refrigerator, and any other large appliances.

Use large Ziploc bags for any extension/electrical cords.

  These are used way more than you think during the unpacking process of a move.

Now that you have prepared yourself, the day has finally arrived! Moving day is here and you are ready to impress your Round Rock Texas Movers with all of the preparation you have done. Who knows, you may even prepare so well the professional packing services team in Round Rock Texas may need your help on future moves. None the less, your preparedness will pay off in the moving process by dialing down the stress of a big move and overall, will make the entire process that much easier.

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