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Frugal Living Tips from Your Austin Movers

Put that wallet away! You don’t need to be spending that kind of cash to live a comfortably in Austin. In fact, there are plenty of ways to save up and keep that porcelain piggy bank intact. Save the pennies and learn to how to make Austin more affordable. Get ready for another great moving article from the All My Sons Austin movers. And hey, this is free too; what could be better than that?

Sell Sell Sell – Get rid of your unwanted stuff before you move. Go through all that junk that’s accumulated over the years and be honest about what you to keep and what you don’t need. And hey, as an added bonus, don’t just trash the stuff you don’t need, sell it! That’ll save you money on the move (less stuff to move for you and the All My Sons Austin movers), and you’ll make money during the process. Who knows, you could sell enough to pay for your Austin movers altogether.

Free and Fun – Don’t go spending money in bars and on dinner out. Take advantage of the bohemian culture in Austin and do some stuff for free. Long Center City Terrace has free concerts, there’s the Baylor Street Art Wall, and make sure not to forget about the public pool. Austin has plenty of stuff to do for free, and it’s perfect for the penny pinching socialite to have a blast while simultaneously staying fiscally responsible. Who thought those two would those two would go hand in hand?

Cook Yourself – … Not literally of course. Austin is known for its hot summers which will have you cooking in no time; however, in order to save money you really want to do is ditch the dining out and cook up a storm in your new apartment or home. There are a lot of really great, cheap farmer’s markets and stores in the Austin area that will give you the best ingredients at really good prices. Speaking of which…

Get to Know the Neighborhood – Do some scouting and research. Find out where the cheapest places to get groceries are and where to find the cheapest gas stations. Don’t settle for what’s close to your new place, as tempting as that may be. If you have a moving service like the All My Sons Austin movers, they will do the unpacking for you, giving you time to scout the area. Ask around, even ask your movers. Where can I get my stuff for cheap?

Hack the System – You are new to the area, and that means you get to take advantage of all the new sign ups that are available. Check out local gyms, banks, and markets; there’s usually a sign up bonus, so make sure to take advantage. And hey, there’s a two for one benefit in taking this route (and who doesn’t love a good two for one deal?), when you sign up for all these new things, it’ll get you out and allow you to have new experiences in your new home - and that’s just going to pay dividends later on.