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Finding the Best Local Movers in Austin

When it comes to moving, finding the perfect local moving company may or may not be an easy task. For those who do not do much research before hiring a local mover, the task may be easy; however, it also may leave you with the headache of having to deal with fraudulent and inexperienced movers. The Austin movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage want to make finding the best local movers in Austin simple by outlining a guide to researching and finding the perfect local moving company.

Avoid Moving Brokers

It’s no secret that the internet is our go-to for information, which is why Austin movers want to warn customers who may be going online to find moving quotes that these quotes are typically not from the actual moving company. If you complete a search for “the best local movers in Austin”, you may come across websites that offer moving quotes on behalf of the moving company, but these quotes are not accurate and should never influence your decision for hiring that mover.

These sites are known as moving brokers. Moving brokers do not work for the moving company, so don’t be surprised if you receive an online quote, hire that mover, and then the price drastically increases. The only way to ensure a proper moving quote to receive an in-home moving estimate after contacting the moving company directly.

Read Reviews, Complaints, Receive Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

Completing a simple search online for “local moving companies in Austin” or “Austin movers” will serve you with numerous results. So, read the online reviews and complaints about each company and use that information towards your final decision. You can then take the list of movers that check out online and ask your family, friends, neighbors, or (if you are moving a business to Austin) other business owners you know, what their opinion is on each moving company.

Check their Credentials

Credentials are going to be based on whether that Austin moving company handles strictly local relocations or out-of-state, long-distance relocations. If you are moving to Austin locally, you may not need a mover that has a USDOT Number, but you should still check to make sure that they are licensed and insured.

If you are moving to Austin, Texas long-distance, the best local movers in Austin are those who are registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation and have a corresponding USDOT Number. They will also be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These are federal requirements for any transport or trucking company that moves goods or individuals across state lines. If the movers do not have a USDOT Number – do not use them for a long-distance move!

In-Home Moving Estimates

In reality, you should never hire movers in Austin without receiving a free, in-home moving estimate from them first. Never settle for a quote online and never settle for a quote over the phone. Take three of the moving companies that you have already researched and contact them to dispatch an Austin moving estimator out to your home in order to receive the most accurate quote as possible. This is considered best practice by reputable moving companies like All My Sons anyways, so you should not have issues getting this task completed. Take your three quotes and see which mover is the right for you!