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Comprehensive Moving Checklist for a Mellow Relocation

Comprehensive Moving Checklist for an Easygoing Relocation

Ensure Your Move is Stress-Free with an In-Depth Moving Checklist

Apartment and home moves can be tricky. It's best to look for an all-in-one moving company that can not only help you move but also store your belongings if needed. The Austin full-service movers would like to share some tips to help you navigate this moving experience with minimal stress.

A checklist will help ease some of the anxieties of moving and make sure that your place is in prime move-in condition. If you are in an apartment or house, you will also want to create a comprehensive moving checklist for yourself. Break the list down into smaller tasks over several weeks so that you can complete the packing process and other moving tasks in time for the move.


Don’t Overlook the Home Inspection: Rental Properties

Moving inspection forms are not as scary as they seem. They are actually designed to help keep you organized so that you pass your move-out inspection and hopefully get your deposit back! Your landlord will provide you with a move-out inspection form when it’s time for you to move, which usually includes specific areas of the house or apartment you will want to check for damages that need repair or a thorough cleaning.

As mentioned, a move-out inspection is meant for the landlord (and yourself) to inspect any damages or other details in your unit or on your property that need repair. Make sure that you and your landlord do a thorough walkthrough of your apartment or home before vacating. It is important to note where there was existing damage before you moved in so that you are not charged for them. If you are vacating a rental property, make sure the property manager has the correct contact information to reach you for a final bill or in case there was an issue with the apartment.


How to Prepare for a Moving Inspection: Homeowner Edition

Preparing for a move from a home is more in-depth than an apartment. As a homeowner, you are responsible for a lot of inspections. You will also want to follow these steps as you walk through your home.

• Make a list of repairs that need to be done—and do them.

• Check that appliances function properly – oven, stove, fridge, washer, dryer, etc.

• Assess the pipes and plumbing.

• Look out for mold or mildew.

• Review the air conditioning and heating units. Change the air filter(s).

• Compile important documents related to the property in a file.


Must-Have Items to Include on Your Moving Checklist

Once you have a moving date set, organize your checklist by weeks, allowing about 8 weeks to prepare for the move. Must-have items to include on your comprehensive moving checklist:

• Set a budget for moving expenses.

• Research and book a reliable moving company to assist with your relocation.

• List items you no longer need and how you plan to get rid of them.

• Break down your packing inventory by room to keep everything organized.

• Set up a mail forwarding service at the post office and update your address at important institutions (i.e. you bank) or any subscriptions.

• Contact your utility company and other service providers to transfer your account to the new address or cancel altogether if you are moving to a different area with other utility companies and service providers. Remember to return rented equipment. If you’re moving to a different city, schedule service activation with the relevant utility companies in the area.

• Measure the dimensions of your furniture to ensure they fit in the new house or in storage.

• Prepare contingency plans in case your new home or apartment is not ready for move-in yet.

• Ask your professional movers about their storage facilities or research a few in the area where you are moving.

• Clean the old house once all your belongings have been moved out.


Moving Checklist Do’s and Don’ts

 Making a comprehensive moving checklist is going to be vital for an organized moving process. Other than the obvious to-do’s involved in a move, such as packing, you will also want to remember the little things.

DO:  Include smaller tasks that you will want to complete before moving: donate clothing that you no longer use or want, prepare an essentials bag with basic toiletries and a change of clothes, etc.

DO:  Make sure that you have the necessary supplies and equipment to pack all your belongings: boxes, bubble wrap, tape, newspaper, etc.

DO: Make sure that you look for a reputable moving company in your city, especially if they offer additional services beyond moving labor such as packing services in Austin, to take some of the tedious moving tasks off your shoulders.


It’s also best to keep calm and remember what not to do. Don’t let the moving process become overwhelming. Moving can be very fun when it is planned properly. Professional movers can really make the difference in your moving experience. A trained and well-equipped moving company alleviates a lot of worries.

DON’T: Overpack your boxes with too many belongings.

DON’T:  Crowd your checklist with too many big things. It’s best to break down each large task into multiple steps. This way you have a plan that’s easy to follow and you won’t feel overwhelmed.

DON’T: Wait until the last minute to make your list! Your move-out and move-in dates are a lot closer than they may appear. Waiting until the last minute to prepare will certainly result in chaos and you will probably forget to do something.


Now that you are familiar with moving checklists and what to expect, it’s time to get moving! The Austin residential movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage are ready for the challenge of moving your personal belongings safely and efficiently so you can settle into your new home.


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