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Why Are So Many Companies Moving to Austin?

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Many businesses are moving to Austin because of the increasing cost of opening and running a company in states that are popularly associated with business and industry, like California and New York. Among the most popular cities in Texas that companies are moving to is Austin. The capital of the Lone Star State has grown in recent years to be comparably attractive to businesses like larger cities like Dallas and Houston.  As communication and travel have become more accessible and more popular, companies moving across states has become easier, which has also played into the influx of businesses choosing Austin as their new home. Below, All My Sons Moving & Storage takes a closer look into the reasons why so many companies are moving to Austin. 

Why Are So Many Companies Moving to Texas?

The simple answer is that many companies are choosing to move to Texas because of the increasing cost of regulations and high taxes that traditional industrial powerhouses, like California, have imposed on businesses. This is especially true for the tech industry - which has seen a steady increase of organizations leaving Silicon Valley for cities like Austin. Most notably, the tech giants that have chosen to move headquarters in recent years are Oracle and Hewlett Packard. 

One of the main reasons that Austin has become more attractive for businesses is the fact that the city offers a high quality of life thanks to its local culture, food scene, weather, and outdoor activities. It is no secret that happy employees lead a business to achieve greater success, and these factors lead to businesses moving to Austin. 

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