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Christmas Trivia

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Our Austin movers know that everyone loves Christmas time and all the celebration that comes with it -- especially opening presents! If you are planning a move this year, make sure you are on the nice list by booking a move with our professional, full-service moving company. We understand that moving during the holidays can be a challenge, so let us keep the joy in your Christmas season by taking care of the heavy lifting for you!

We offer the most efficient packing services in Austin to make sure your move takes no longer than it should and that all your belongings are delivered in perfect condition. The holidays should be spent with your family making memories, not moving. Leave the labor to us while you play some fun Christmas games with your loved ones.

Do you know all there is to know about this magical holiday? Our team of professional movers have some Christmas trivia questions the whole family can enjoy!

Christmas Trivia: Questions to Get into the Holiday Spirit

Our local Austin movers want to know if you have what it takes to answer all of these Christmas trivia questions like a pro! Make teams within your household and compete for a prize or just see if you know the answers for yourself.

Very Easy to Answer

• What makes Frosty the Snowman come to life?

• What Christmas decoration is made from strands of silver?

• Who was the actor that played George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life?

• Who is Santa’s spy that hides in the house, telling Santa who’s naughty or nice?

• Milk Punch is also known as what Christmas drink?

• One of Santa’s reindeer shares a name with this Saint of Love. who is it?

• What is the name of the popular Christmas theme ballet that premiered in 1892?

• What is the name of the animated film about a train that takes kids to the North Pole on Christmas Eve?

• What kind of cake is given most during the Christmas holiday?

Not-So-Easy to Answer

• What is the first name of the famous Christmas Carol character, Mr. Scrooge?

• What is Bing Crosby’s best-selling Christmas single?

• Gingerbread houses were inspired by what 1800s fairytale characters?

• What real-life department store is the setting for the movie Miracle on 34th Street?

• What incriminating evidence was found on Grandma’s back in the song, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer?

• How many reindeer were mentioned in ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas?

• What popular Christmas decoration is actually a parasitic plant?

• What beverage company uses Santa in their advertising?

• What Christmas sweet is said to resemble a shepherd’s staff to remind children of the shepherds who visited baby Jesus?

Hard to Answer

• What was the name of the neighbors whose dogs ate the Christmas turkey in the movie, A Christmas Story?

• Name the figure from English folklore that is often associated with Santa.

• What is the name of the animatronic cassette-playing bear toy every kid growing up in the mid-’80s wanted for Christmas?

• What is the name of Rudolph’s little friend in the 1964 movie Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

• What were the three words used to describe the Grinch in the TV special How the Grinch Stole Christmas?

• Which Christmas carol was the first song to ever be broadcasted from Space in 1965?

Twas the Night Before Christmas was originally titled what?


We hope that you find joy in answering these questions and seeing just how much Christmas trivia you really know! If you are planning a move, contact our residential Austin movers today for a free, no-obligation quote.