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5 Long-Distance Moving Safety Tips

When moving long distance it is important to make sure that you have a well thought out travel plan for you and your movers, as well as safety measures in place. If you are moving to Austin from across the state or from out of state, the moving industry leading professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage have five long-distance moving safety tips.

1. Carefully plan your route. Do some research on the time of year in which you are moving to Austin and find out the traffic trends. If you are moving during the holidays, you can expect gridlock in certain areas, so try to find alternative routes to your moving destination instead. Since a lot of long-distance movers in Austin will charge hourly, you will want to make sure that not only you, but also your movers are taking the quickest, safest route.  When finding an alternative route, make sure that you research the area first, so that you do not end up in some back country lost on a dirt road.

2. Utilize technology. There are numerous apps available for smartphones that will not only map out the most ideal route, but they are also able to track traffic for your move to Austin. Couple this with a gas station app, and you can also find the least expensive gas in the area.

3. Car maintenance. Make sure that your car is in pristine condition before embarking on a long-distance move to Austin. Austin movers suggest making sure that you have good tires, the tires are not low on air, you get an oil change beforehand, and airbags are turned on for safety.  In the event that you break down, it is great to have a service like road-side assistance.

4. Driving laws. Know the driving laws in Texas and every state that you are passing through (if you are moving to Austin from out of state). In Texas, there is a ban on all cell phone use in the car. So, be careful when using your traffic and map apps, because a state trooper may pull you over if they suspect that you are texting or talking on your phone while driving.

5. Protect your identity.  The majority of travelers check for signs of identity theft during their vacation, but little take precaution before it happens. According to a report by ProtectMyID, a part of Experian, roughly 30 percent of travelers experience identity theft.  Know your credit cards’ limits and liability limit if lost or stolen. Know what spots are identity theft hot spots, like hotels, restaurants, airports, taxis, and rental car offices. Hotels have the highest percentage rate of identity theft, at 24% so be extra cautious is you are moving to Austin long-distance and have to stay somewhere overnight.

All My Sons Moving & Storage Austin recommends that you also plan for potential emergencies that may occur when moving long-distance. Make sure that you have hired a reputable mover or you may have to deal with the most unfortunate event of your belongings being stolen. No matter how reputable your Austin mover may be, always keep valuables in your possession.