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What Type of Housing is Right for You?

Traditionally, many thought of “buying a place” to mean buying a single, free standing home. Now, there are so many other options on the market. Apartments, condos, townhomes and lofts are all commonly woven in to the traditional house options. How do you know what’s best for your family? The Atlanta movers are here to share a few tips to help you figure that out. Each option has its own perks and less appealing traits, so let’s check out the choices.


One unit within a complex where you have tasks like yard maintenance taken care of, and also an association is often involved adding a monthly or yearly fee on top of traditional rent. Property tax applies and is paid by the unit owner. A board is rarely involved in apartment buying decisions.


Often steps above an apartment, condos are tailored around a luxury standpoint with amenities that allow a higher price point than the traditional apartment. Condo owners have slightly less independence than apartment owners, with mandatory board interviews & approvals, stricter ownership policies and monthly association fees that pay for things like pool maintenance, security and garbage service. Also altering the condo is a decision that must be approved.


A townhouse is generally part of one large building broken up into 2 or 3 individually occupied townhomes. Similar to a style common in San Francisco, having a townhome means cutting down on personal space and essentially sharing one to two sides of your home with the adjoining units. Townhomes are generally 2 stories +, (1 story units are often called duplexes), and therefore allow for a little more freedom to roam than a typical apartment or condo. Generally no amenities and pools are rare or shared.

Single-family home:

The most independent housing option allots you a yard and the ability to alter your property (knocking out a wall, adding a garage) are decisions up to you and possibly a homeowners association in newer developments. Repairs and other problems are your sole responsibility; there is no maintenance department in home ownership.