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Where to Sell Your Stuff Online


 In preparation for a move, you’ll likely come across plenty of outdated, unused, or outgrown items you’d like to get rid of. Instead of throwing them out, why not make a few extra dollars by selling your stuff online?

There are plenty of people eager to buy, if you know the right spots to find them! If you don’t know where to sell your stuff online, the Atlanta packing professionals at All My Sons can suggest a few sites to make selling quick and easy:


Amazon is a famously reputable website, with excellent products and even better customer service. Amazon.com has a fulfillment program set in place to help people get rid of old or unwanted items. You can list your items on the site, and they’ll be posted right next to similar items under “New and Used”. If a user is interested in saving a couple of bucks they may be more inclined to make a purchase from you. You can even send all your junk to Amazon and they’ll list it and sell it for you.


Letgo is a free, person to person mobile classifieds app that helps users buy, sell, and chat with each other on goods and products. It offers sections for fashion and accessories, home and garden, electronics, cars, books, movies, and many more. Letgo can be used on your mobile device for easy transactions.


Craigslist is a very helpful website for buying, selling, and listing all kinds of materials. It’s essentially replaced the classifieds section in all major cities. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell products for your move, Craigslist has sections for antiques, appliances, furniture, computers, cars, electronics, auto parts and everything in between to help you get rid of your stuff for some extra cash.


For those of you who come across old smartphones, tablets, and other devices – Swappa is the site for you. Swappa requires user verification for selling and buying, and allows people to sell clean devices from trustworthy sellers, that are guaranteed to be in good working order at fair prices.

Additionally, the sales on Swappa do not end until the buyer has a chance to inspect the device and make sure it activates properly. If there are any disputes between transaction, Swappa will handle it.


You may not have considered Facebook as a place to sell goods, but considering it is the largest social network, the Atlanta packing professionals at All My Sons recommend checking it out. It’s a great way to find local swap groups that are both public and private ways to sell your goods to locals.  A great benefit of using Facebook to sell your items is that you can set your own price – there’s no third party taking a percentage.

Before throwing your items out, consider making some extra money with these suggestions on where to sell your stuff online, courtesy of the Atlanta packing professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage.