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What Happens to Abandoned Storage Units

Storage units are helpful when you need to temporality stow away some items. The first thing you need to know is that there is always a monthly fee for a storage unit. These rates can differ depending on where you live or how much information you need to stow away. But be warned, failure to pay rent can cause your items to be bid on.

An auction takes place to compensate for the missed rent and is open to the public – meaning fair game for everyone. The unit often places ads in the local newspaper or state. Each state has its own set of rules on what you can buy; some auctions are for the whole unit, while some places only bid on one item at a time. Our Georgia movers will tell you, however, that there is a grace period. Sometimes this grace period can be a couple of days, or it can be a few weeks; it is what you signed in the contract and obliged to when you took out a lease for the storage unit. When you rent out a unit, you are expected to make rent on time, just as you would the place you are living in right now.

If the auction takes place and the money the owners received from the public auction is sill to low, you may be billed a remaining amount. If that bill still does not go through, your information will be sent to a collection agency.

Many times, a storage unit remains abandoned or the renters never return because illegal substances are being held in there. Our Georgia movers want to let you know that fireworks, drugs, explosives, flammable substances, and stolen goods will be confiscated and turned over to the Atlanta police department.

One last piece of advice our Atlanta relocation services want to let you know is if you move to Atlanta and have left a previous storage unit, tell the owners about the switch or addresses. The same rule applies if you get a new credit card and the money gets drawn out automatically; it might be a simple mistake to not make the switch. It’s important to make this one of your priorities so your unit doesn’t go up for bidding.

So, before you move to Atlanta and want to rent a storage unit, make sure you know this information on what happens to abandoned storage units. Contact our Atlanta relocation services here at All My Sons to help you with our expertise moving skills.