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Ways to Save Money When Moving to Atlanta

Moving is one of the most stressful life events that you will ever have to go through. In order to make it easier on yourself and your family, there are numerous measures that you can take in order to make the process less of a burden. All My Sons Moving & Storage Atlanta has been handling residential and corporate moves to Atlanta for over 25 years, and our team of professional movers and packers have some simple ways to save money when moving to Atlanta.

1. Create a moving budget. It is extremely important that you create a moving budget before any other step of the moving process. Atlanta movers suggest doing research in order to find out exactly how much your move will cost you (at least in the ballpark range). Use an Excel spreadsheet to create a budget, which should include the total cost of your move (including additional moving charges like flight charges, elevator charges, fuel charges, linehaul charges, etc.), moving insurance cost, lodging during your move to Atlanta (if necessary), meals, pet care, temporary housing (if applicable), gas for travel or airfare, storage fees, packing and moving supplies costs, and anything else that may be particular to your move.

2. Hiring Atlanta movers. One of the best ways to save money when moving to Atlanta is to hire the right Atlanta moving company to handle things for you. Most homeowners opt for simple loading, transport, and unloading services; however, depending on how much stuff you have or how far you are moving, hiring a full-service Atlanta mover may be in your best bet. A full-service moving company may be pricier, but they offer a piece of mind like no other moving company, as well as allows you to have the time to focus on getting other items situated for your move.

3. Downsize. Once you have created your moving budget and have researched some Atlanta moving companies that service your area, the very best way to save money when moving to Atlanta is to downsize. Get rid of everything that you do not need or do not use anymore. The less you move with, the better. The less you move with, the cheaper your moving costs will be. So, even if you have shopped around for Atlanta movers and have received some quotes, take time to go through your belongings one last time and downsize your moving load as much as possible. Then, call your select moving company and have them reassess your belongings for a rate that is even lower than your original budget.

4. Invest in packing supplies. Turn your packing supplies into an investment by purchasing durable plastic bins that you can save for years to come and use as storage at your new residence. The majority, if not nearly all, homeowners who move purchase the epic cardboard moving boxes, duct tape, and some permanent markers to label boxes – losing at least $50-$100. Turn packing for your move to Atlanta into an investment decision by purchasing durable plastic bins. Not only will these bins not crush when stacked, like a lot of cardboard boxes, but they will protect your belongings from water and humidity – another thing that cardboard moving boxes cannot do. The amount of protection that plastic storage bins can lend your move will make up for their higher costs simply by leaving none of your belongings damaged. Once you reach your new residence, Atlanta movers suggest using the plastic bins as stackable storage bins in your closet, garage, attic, or storage space.

With these four simple moving tips from All My Sons Moving & Storage, you can set your moving budget and hopefully not even hit the maximum cost. Helping you make smarter packing and moving decisions is just one way that All My Sons helps families save money when moving to Atlanta.