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An Unused Pool Can Actually bring Down Your Home’s Value

For nearly a century, swimming pools have been an appealing addition to families who are looking for a home. However, if you are going to sell your home and you have a pool that has not been used and properly maintained, it can actually bring down the value of your home. A beautifully maintained pool is great, but a moldy one that needs a lot of work is an eyesore for potential buyers. If you have an unused pool, here are some reasons why you may want to consider filling it. Atlanta moving companies also have some tips on what you can do with the freed up space afterwards.

If you no longer use your pool, that sole reason alone, may deem good enough to fill it in. However, when you fill in your unused pool, make sure that you hire professionals; otherwise, the slab can also be an eyesore for potential buyers and guests.

Let’s say you bought your home because you have a family and the idea of having a pool seemed amazing at the time. If the cost of pool maintenance has been too much for you (pool maintenance can cost up to $100 weekly), you may want to look into seeing what it would cost to maintain the pool yourself. In the unfortunate event that something broke and the repair costs are way too high, it might be cheaper to get rid of your pool altogether.

If you are looking to buy a home with a pool, make sure that the pool is not outdated. You can have someone come out to inspect the pool before you put in an offer on the home, because buying a home with an outdated pool can set you back roughly $15,000 if the pool is underground and needs to completely be replaced.

Think of your pool as a liability; which it is considered to many homeowners’ insurance agencies. Many homeowners do not realize that although initially purchasing a home with a pool may seem like an investment, the amount of money you pay in maintenance and in homeowners’ insurance may not be worth it; between maintenance and repairs, your pool can cost you $15,000 a year.  Moreover, that price does not include the cost of heating your pool and the amount of water it uses.

Lack of space is another reason to get rid of a pool. If you have a small backyard and the pool takes up the majority of it, free up your backyard space for pets or children to play, by filling in your pool. This is also where Atlanta moving companies can lend some tips on what to do with the space. If the pool in your backyard takes up so much space, that filling it will give you the room to do what you want with your backyard, consider adding an outdoor area that will INCREASE the value of your home. By turning a small space of your backyard into a deck, outdoor kitchen, or more appealing garden (like an organic garden), you can not only get rid of your costly pool, so you can also add some money back into your pocket if you choose to sell your home.