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The Perfect Tub for Small Bathrooms

When it comes to turning your home into your sanctuary, many homeowners choose a tub for the ultimate relaxation addition.  Before you think that you cannot afford a spa tub or cannot fit one into your tiny bathroom, think again! Atlanta moving companies have moved plenty of bathtubs in their 20 years of moving; we know that you can have the bathtub and bathroom of your dreams, and we would love to tell you how.

Just because you are pressed for space, does not mean that you have to sacrifice comfort.  In fact, if you do a little research, there are plenty of spa-worthy bathtubs that are designed for optimal comfort, in a small amount of space. When finding a tub that will fit into a small bathroom, think about who will be using the tub and exactly how small you can go.

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, a standard bathtub has to be a minimum of 48 inches long and an absolute minimum of 30 inches wide. However, it is important to keep in mind that these dimensions are for the outer width of the tub, not the inner width; so you still want to make sure that you, or someone larger than you, can fit in it comfortably. You also want to aim for 32 inches in width and not anything less or it will not be comfortable, or proper for soaking.

If your bathroom is smaller than average, use duck tape and map out the dimensions of bathtub styles that you like, on the floor.  Choose a shape that you think will work and map it out in many different ways.

When determining what shape bathtub would be best, it is good to know a thing or two about tubs and their designs; after all, there is a little method to the bathtub madness.

First, if your bathroom is small and is in more of a square shape, you may want to get some measurements on corner tubs. Corner tubs are designed to fit in tight spaces and typically come in various spa styles.

If you have a rectangular bathroom, you should probably choose a tub that is also rectangular. These tubs are usually great for children’s bathrooms and can double as a shower, so that you can get the most out of the space.

For extremely small bathrooms, you may want a pedestal bathtub because they take up less visual space, making the bathroom feel less cramped than it already is. Pedestal tubs also allow you to place plumbing wherever you want. You can also check out Asian-style bathtubs, which are usually deeper than they are long, great if you really want a bathtub that you can soak in. Another plus for Asian-style tubs: they use less water than a standard bathtub.

If you really want to amp up your small bathroom space by installing a spa tub, you can splurge on a newer trend of tubs that feature vibrations, whirlpools, LED colored lights to enhance your mood, a built-in aromatherapy scent pump, speakers, or even heating options that promise to keep your water warm for as long as you’d like.