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Top 5 Reasons to Move to Athens, GA

Thinking of a move to Athens, GA? Part of the process of moving is finding a city that works for you and your personal needs. Athens is the fourth biggest city in Georgia, and with that comes many different options for you and your family to choose when moving there. Athens, GA is located 70 miles from Atlanta and has one of the busiest airports for its size with a hundred and four flights per day. With this many flights, it’s no wonder Athens is a growing bubbling city but without the cost of big city living.  

1. Livability. One of the top reasons to move to Athens, GA is the quality of life. Athens is a top destination for retirees because of the tax benefits for retirement and social security.  The city is also a great place to raise a family.

2. Weather. Weather is key when deciding where you want to live. No one wants to sit inside all day due to snow or rain, so it’s important to understand what type of weather you are dealing with.  It is no wonder people like to retire in Athens!  The weather would be the second reason you choose to move to this great city. People who move to Athens, GA enjoy all four seasons throughout the year!

3. Education. Athens movers also consider their children’s schooling an important part of where they decide to move. Athens is a university town. The city is home to the University of Georgia and the Museum of Art and Museum of Natural History, they also offer an array of classes throughout the year that can satisfy any type of credentials or hobbies. If you have children, you do not have to worry if you want them to go to a school in a different city because schools for children are not designated by city but by county.  

4. Things to Do. Fourth reason to move to Athens, GA would be for the local events you could attend such as the Athens wine weekend, classic city brew fest as well as AthFest. There are venues for concerts that have current artist such as Luke Bryan and lady gaga to local venues that have shows like blue man group performing, there is a little something for an adult night on the town or a day trip with the kids.  

5. Music. Finally, you should move to Athens, GA would be the fact that you would live in what is known as “Live Music Central”, Athens downtown is filled with Victoria buildings and bars that vibrate with live music, food and shopping boutiques it’s basically a downtown area that could fill anyone’s desires. Whether you decided to move to Athens, GA for the quality of life, weather, schooling, local events for bubbling downtown scene you have a variety of options to go through to make your decision on what fits you and your family the best, moving to Athens GA would be a step in a positive direction for a family, a retiree or even someone just looking for a city with a little bit of everything to call home.