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Four Tips to Selling Your Home Quickly

When you make the decision to sell your home, it’s quite likely you want to sell it as quickly as possible. Here at the Alpharetta local movers, we know how frustrating it can be when your home will not sell. So what’s the secret to quickly selling property? We investigated and have a few tips for you!  Some of our tips might seem obvious, but they can have a real impact on your listing time. Read on to learn more.

Price accordingly. Being realistic about the listing price is a crucial step to getting serious buyers. Prices will likely sway even the most fickle of buyers, so having the right price listed is important. Look at comparable properties and see what price makes the most sense. Homes with similar specs are a great way to determine a fair and hopefully appealing price for buyers.

Decorate with neutrals. Prospective buyers likely have a wide variety of taste and preferred design aesthetic, so try to stay away from overwhelming colors and décor that might turn off potential buyers. Resist the urge to keep homes staged in your specific style and lean more towards helping it to look like a minimally decorated canvas that they can decorate on their own.

Be picky about the photos that accompany the listing online. Having an eye for photos they are aesthetically appealing is a very important part of creating and sharing a successful MLS listing. Photos should showcase the rooms and should include focal points that are true selling features. If a buyer does not get excited about a home online, they are likely not going to get excited about it in person either.

Remember the value of first impressions. Cleaning your home and keeping it in a ready to show state is a very important part of selling. Prospective buyers technically give notice via their realtor, but why turn someone away because you need to pick up the mess around the house? Keep the home de-cluttered and sparkling so that you are always ready for unexpected company.

Renovations are not guarantees, but they can help. Updating the kitchen or installing a whirlpool tub are upgrades that prospective buyers can usually get on board with. Stay away from adding a pool—some buyers don’t want the added responsibility and maintenance. Items like this disqualify interested buyers, thereby lessening your audience.

While these tips aren’t going to guarantee that your home sells, they are definitely designed to help get you on the path to selling your home in a timely manner and for a price you can live with. We wish you luck on the sale of your Atlanta home! For more homeowner tips, be sure to browse through our Atlanta movers’ website.