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Tips on How to Prepare for Surprise Visitors

Few things can catch you off guard quicker than a call from friends or family telling you they are in the neighborhood and want to stop by. Your friends at the Atlanta local movers want to help you get your home ready so that when surprise guests call, you can focus on anticipating their arrival rather than running around trying to quickly pick up and make the house presentable for company.

10 minutes of cleaning: wipe down the counters in your bathroom and kitchens every morning and night. Dust off table tops and surfaces in the living room and dining room and only clean the rooms that your guests will enter.

Dishes are another turn off, so load them in the dishwasher if it’s empty, or put them in a bin and slide dirty dishes into the oven to be out of sight for guests. Just remember to get them out before you use the oven for anything!

Vacuum major traffic areas if you have carpet and throw down a little bit of carpet deodorizer to freshen the carpets where people will be walking through and also spending time.

10 minutes of hiding clutter: walk through areas where guests will be such as the living room, foyer, hallways, kitchen, and more and straighten up. Put extraneous things in a laundry basket and shut them into a bedroom out of sight and out of the way.

Stack magazines and other items that remain, and straighten items throughout the main rooms so that your home appears tidy.

Stay on top of clutter so that you can nip it in the bud for future surprise visits!

10 minutes of final touches: now that you have managed to get a hold on the main focal points of your home, you can move on to the details like scent and ambience. Grind up some lemons in the kitchen garbage disposal for a fresh scent, and you can also rub scented oils onto light bulbs to help emit scent like lemon or vanilla. You can also put dryer sheets under couch cushions to enhance the fresh scent.

Create a centerpiece with flowers or plants from the garden, and set it in the dining room on the table. While we’re focused on the dining table, you should also grab some things from the refrigerator to have out in case guests want a light snack, such as cheese and crackers or fresh fruit and seltzer water. Cookies are also an easy item to offer guests and fairly easy to have on hand.

Brush your hair, change into a fresh blouse, and mentally calm yourself to prepare for entertaining company. Have fun and focus on your guests, not on things you didn’t have time to do!