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Timeless Home Decorating

Trends come and go, but a classically decorated home is something that can sustain for decades. While traditional décor may be too bland for some, there is a way that you can personalize traditional décor and change out transitional elements to keep your traditional home current. By utilizing a few decorating rules, you can achieve a classic and timeless home that you will enjoy for decades to come. The Atlanta movers have a few tips to help you create the traditional home of your dreams.

Limit colors. The fewer colors used in a room, the more restful and understated it will be. Limiting colors allows furniture and accent pieces to attract attention and take command of the room. Rugs should coordinate with walls and wall trim should match curtains, ideally a bright and crisp white.

 Keep options available. An easy way to update a room is by swapping out curtains and slip covers. Keep a few handy so that you can update your space when the mood strikes.

Use photos to decorate. Group framed photos on tables that are odd sized and seemingly underutilized. Avoid hanging pictures on the walls, and keep frames around the same size to keep them equal.

Layer rugs. Wall to wall carpet doesn’t mean you can’t play around with rugs. Use a patterned rug on top of carpeting to offer more cushion for your feet and more dimension for your room. A print that pulls the neutral colors together is an easy way to keep the look classic rather than eclectic.

Don’t fill all the space. Letting shelves, walls, and space breathe by resisting to clutter it all up is a great way to keep the room from looking overstuffed. Resist the urge to position trinkets and knickknacks all over the mantel too, and reserve the space for one or two statement items.

Group similar items. Shades of red all go together, ditto for blues, greens, yellows, and so on. Olive green paired with lime green and hits of seafoam, for example, totally works. Varying shades of a color keeps the room from being too matchy matchy, but also from being too overwhelming.

Remember, decorating your home with thought and a plan can prevent you from having to redecorate down the road. Do it right the first time and save yourself the work later on down the road.