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Things to Remember when Moving to Atlanta

Atlanta is in the heart of the south, but unlike the south it is a hustling and bustling city that is overall pretty progressive. Many native Georgians are resentful that it is such a progressive city, but it is the progressiveness that attracts so many young professionals from every walk of life. Some people can’t stand to even hear the name Atlanta, while others live and breathe for the city. It is all a matter of perception, but there are some things that do not change, no matter what your perception is. Atlanta is sometimes referred to as the New York of the south, and if you are moving there here are some things to remember.

First off, Waffle House is not just a restaurant, but a way of life. You know you are a true native when you don’t even glance at the menu. There is something so welcoming about a restaurant that looks the same at every single location, your order is yelled out to the cook, and the low lighting and yellow interior are the same interior that have been in the restaurant since it was built. If you’re moving to Atlanta and you don’t like Waffle House, it might be time to learn to love it.

Secondly, you don’t know allergies until you experience pollen season in Atlanta. The worst part of pollen season only lasts for a few weeks, but pollen can be irritating most of the year. It’s easy to tell when pollen season begins because all you have to do is walk outside. Your body will immediately react and your nose will start running, and you will see an iridescent greenish yellowish film covering everything. Little did you know, you were getting your car painted for free by Mother Nature. You might think that you are immune to the sudden onset of allergies that pollen season causes, but no one is immune to the runny noses and teary eyes.

Thirdly, Atlanta and its residents are not used to snow. There is usually one good snow a year that gets to about six inches. Other than that, you might see some flurries. That being said, if the forecast says it is going to snow, don’t bother leaving your house. As intelligent as the people in Atlanta are, driving is physically impossible when it starts snowing. It’s almost as if people get petrified by the snow, and cannot operate their brains. It can get pretty chaotic when winter comes around, think smart, not hard.

Moving to Atlanta has a lot to offer, including countless perks that come with living in the Peachtree City. It is one of the top cities for women to work in, it has the busiest airport in the world, and little known fact it has some of the top dating in the country. There are some minor drawbacks, like pollen season, but overall if you want to live in a progressive place that is diverse and has a unique culture, Atlanta is the place for you. Just remember to pack the allergy medicine.