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The Atlantan’s Guide to Thanksgiving Decorating

Sure, moving to Atlanta right before Thanksgiving and the holiday season is not extremely exciting. However, once you get settled in, you can look forward to decorating your home with festive and cozy fall décor. Movers know that moving isn’t cheap, so in order to be able to decorate your new home and not break the bank, the local movers at All My Sons have come up with the Atlantan’s Guide to Thanksgiving Decorating.

- Mason jars – Mason jars are great for decorating because you can really get creative with them. Use thin tape and create the word “fall” with one letter on each jar. Then, use white spray paint and paint the entire jar. Peel the paint off and you have instant flower or candle jars that are made specifically for fall and cost nearly nothing. Play around with this DIY fall décor item by painting it orange and leaving the shape of a leaf instead.

- Thanksgiving garland – Use string and brown and tan construction paper to make acorn Thanksgiving garland to hang in your home.

- Door décor – Allow your kids to take a break from moving to Atlanta and let them help with this DIY Thanksgiving decorating project. Ready for it? – Go outside and gather up six or eight pinecones. Then, attach each of them to a thick strand of a fall-colored ribbon and tie all of the ribbons together at the top, creating a bundle. Affix to your front door and you have a very inexpensive fall door décor piece.

-Thankful Thanksgiving décor – Show your guests what you and your family are thankful for by creating Thanksgiving decorative displays. Your Atlanta movers have a few ideas that you can try:

Thankful tree
: Find some small tree branches that fell due to the fall weather and arrange them in a vase filled with sand (you can even use a metal watering container as the holder). Then, have your family cut out leaves from construction paper and write what they are thankful for each day leading up to Thanksgiving. Place the vase on a foyer table, dining room table, or coffee table. Attach your family’s leaves to the branches and you have a Thanksgiving thankful tree.

Thankful message board
: Cover a piece of corkboard with a thin piece of fabric or linen (you can use an old t-shirt if you don’t want to purchase fabric) and place in a frame. Cut out leaves using construction paper and have your family write what they are thankful for. Pin their leaves on the Thankful message board and display it in your home for guests to see.

- Fall décor pieces – In order to decorate your entire home with Thanksgiving and fall décor, you can use nearly anything that you can find outside like leaves, branches, and fall flowers. If you have leftover Halloween pumpkins you can use these as well. While you are at the grocery store, purchase some extra squash and use those in a table display with your pumpkins, coupled with some fall leaves, pinecones, and candles.

Atlantans decorate their homes for fall using the beautiful, natural fall décor that can be found right
outside their front door. After moving to Atlanta, you don’t have to spend a fortune on fall decorations, just follow the Atlantan’s Guide to Thanksgiving Decorating from All My Sons Moving & Storage Atlanta and your home will be just as thankful as you are!