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The Atlanta movers Present Tenant Lease

It's very important when a landlord hands a new tenant a lease agreement to read it carefully. By not doing so, it can and most likely will get costly later. There are some clauses that are on the lease agreement that make sense and then there are some that don't and are even illegal. Looking for a new apartment is stressful enough and with pages and pages of legal mumbo jumbo, the first instinct is to simply smile and trust the landlord. This is where the mistake part comes in. It's best to take a breather here and read through your new agreement carefully. This paper is a legal document and by you simply signing it, binds you for the term of the lease. You may not be so happy with what you just signed and because this is a legal and binding document, the lease agreement will hold up in court. According to Janet Portman a landlord-tenant lawyer and author of "Every Tenant's Legal Guide” reading the lease agreement is very important. She says, "even if the lease misstates the law — and it will normally misstate it to your disadvantage — getting your rights enforced can be long, tedious and expensive."

Portman reviews leases that are found on the Internet which are often used by landlords. She has found that there are many problems with these agreements and in each one that she's reviewed, she usually finds between three to ten problem areas. "I haven't found any that you can download that are state-compliant," Portman says. "Many are written by landlord lawyers. Most of them are bad." Which is why the Atlanta movers your local Atlanta moving company want to remind you that it's up to you to carefully read the lease agreement. It can be long and tedious, but you'll be happy that you took the time to read it, especially if you end up in court one day. Take a copy of the lease agreement home with you and take the time to read it. You're not obliged to sign right away and if there are some things on the agreement that you don't understand than simply ask. If the landlord can't explain it properly, than this should raise a couple of red flags and maybe you shouldn't sign it to begin with.

Finding a new apartment and reading through the lease agreement can be a hassle, so when it comes to moving all of your belongings to your new place, then call the Atlanta movers for a hassle-free move. The Atlanta moving specialists are experts at what they do. They are backed by four generations of moving experience so they know the moving business inside out. So after the stress of reading through your new lease agreement, call the Atlanta movers for a relaxing and easy moving experience.